Thursday, February 11, 2010

Coupons Are Worth Clipping

Tonight, I was reading Common Sense with Money's blog and she wrote about an article that she read in the Wall Street Journal tackling whether coupons are worth it or not.

The article does the math and lets you see how much money you can really save by clipping coupons. It is based on the hourly rate you can earn by clipping coupons. When you calculate the hourly rate you earn when you clip a coupon, you have to adjust the it up since you don't have to pay Social Security, Federal or State taxes. I really liked the article because it didn't list the same reasons to clip coupons (we all know those!) it actually had me thinking that my "job" of being thrifty is worth more than I thought!

Article: Doing the Math on Coupons by Brett Arends

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