Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post. There have been a few things going on that have kept me away from Blogland, but mostly I think I just needed a break.

My car decided it also needed a break and after a $400.00 vacation, she has now come home. The Baby was driving it home from work and it decided to die on her. Luckily it started right back up and she was able to make it home, but it freaked her out. She was unable to miss any work (she would have lost a $1,000 stipend for school), so Big took the week off and we took her to and from work. Big's car is a stick and The Baby can't drive it. Big and I mostly laid around, watched movies, read books and magazines and were generally lazy. It was really nice!

This is The Baby's last week home before heading back to school. She is both excited and sad. She is gathering all of her "stuff" and putting it in the extra room. The piles keep growing! We will take her back on Sunday and help her get her room situated. She will be living in an apartment style dorm and is excited about having a separate living area!

I haven't gotten much done in the "crafty" realm. I have lots of plans and ideas, but that is as far as it has gotten. I did complete a pot holder for a swap I was participating in. It is a twist on a log cabin pattern. I had fun making it and will be making a couple for myself. I had forgotten to take a photo, so this photo was provided by my partner, Tina. Thanks Tina!!

The Baby and I did a Dollar Tree run yesterday and on the way home we stopped at a yard sale. I picked up some neat dishes (I need them like I need a hole in the head) and a couple other things. I will post photos later. I am trying to search for more info. on the dishes. So far all I know is they were made in West Virginia, so that is cool.

Off to get another cup of coffee! Hope you all have a great day!

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shirley said...

I see you have changed your blog..I think I like the other one was more you...soooorry

It is good to hear you have been getting some R and R with Big I am sure you will miss Baby when she goes back to school.

Beansieleigh said...

Aww.. I know how that time feels when your baby girl has to leave for college. From the very start, from semester to semester, year to year, they said it would get easier.. but it never DID get easier for me! I ALWAYS hated to see MY baby girl leaving for college. Always holding back the tears when the time came, I had to keep reminding myself this was the best thing for her! Well, the time DID fly, and she is now taking classes towards her masters degree!.. Glad to hear you have your car back! Hope you're keeping cool.. And enjoy your day! ~tina

Vicky said...

Hey, hi, this is Vicky from Hong Kong. I love the checkbook cover you make. I should make one too! haha. I'm now following your blog too. ~! Yay.

AnnieO said...

There's nothing like a break while life is happening! Glad The Baby is getting her things together for the next big year. You will miss her lots, I know. Hope you'll find more time to craft and post when you're not taking care of her :)