Friday, August 20, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

As you know from yesterday's post, Big left this morning for about 5 days (bad) to see her Mother who is in the hospital. Since I am alone and sad, I decided I needed some shopping therapy (good and bad). $178.00 later, I had new goodies for the main bathroom. (Some of the ugly is that old, nasty faucet!! It is going to be changed soon!)

I have fallen in love with Napoleonic Bees. I first saw them on Between Naps on the Back Porch. She blogged about some silverware with Napoleonic Bees on them and when I saw them, it was love at first site. The silverware is only $180.00 (bad). Why does it seem that everything I fall in love with is expensive?

One evening when Big got home, she found her favorite dinner on the table and me acting nice (this is a change from normal). I sweetly suggested she should get another job so I could afford all of the things I cannot live without. Can you believe she spoke to me in sign language? It is rare that she uses her limited repertoire of sign language, but please believe, I understand what she means!!

On with the post. Big's Mother's hospital tests are coming out negative and although the doctor will not see her until the morning, it seems she had a flu bug. Hey, better safe than sorry. Perhaps Big will be able to come home early (good). I know that Big will enjoy having some time to visit with her Mother. She was planning a trip later in the year, but this works out too.

I found a wonderful package in the mail today (good). A swap partner of mine sent these goodies to me. I love the Laura Ashley cup and saucer. The Waverly napkins look like the shower curtain I have in the main bathroom. I am thinking of making a pillow out of napkins! They would look wonderful in my den. What do you think?

I purchased some shoes and other goodies for The Baby (good for her). She has had her eye on these Carlos Santana shoes. I was able to purchase them for $10.00! (sorry, you can see the kitchen counters in the background - I couldn't find better lighting for the photo!)

Well, that about sums it up. I have enjoyed a glass (or two) of wine, had a slice of pizza and am feeling mellow. Soon I will head off to bed with my little puppy companion and try to get some sleep. Tomorrow I will finish organizing/cleaning my studio. My next big project will be the main bathroom. I will install a new faucet, paint the sink cabinet, and lay a new tile floor. Then and only then will I put my Napoleonic Bees in their new home!

I hope you all have a really great weekend! I will be lonely, but busy.

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Michelle said...

So glad that it appears Big's mom has nothing too serious. That must be a relief for everybody.

Wow! The shoes are pretty, but I'd probably break my neck trying to wear them.

Glad your shopping therapy was so soothing. ;-)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I love the bees too and I like everything that's expensive as well! I think we're twins.

Glad to hear Big's mum probably doesnt have anything massively serious but still the flu can be really nasty.

I know sign language too. You're incredibly talented to have picked it up, because it can be quite hard to learn. I suspect Big was using one gesture for a word, not finger spelling with her response to you. They DO say communication is the key to a successful relationship so I think you and Big are probably going to go the distance. You speak each other's language!

Love the goodies. If Mr. P was away I'd be blogging like mad and stuffing my face with chocolate. You're all work, work, work.

Shevvy said...

Great post.
Love the shoes, but I would probably kill myself if I tried to walk in them, but when I was young..I still couldn't wear them.

Liking expensive is just a sign of good taste, surely!

Glad bigs Mum is ok, she will be back before you know it; but not maybe before you reach the bottom of the wine bottle!

Treehugger_31 said...

You got some nice purchases! Love the bee stuff! :)

treehugger: blog me up baby swapbot

apple skin said...

I have such a weak spot for pretty home decor, and so I must say that I love those bathroom items and the Laura Ashley set!!

Also, I have never known anyone who keeps chickens before and I think it's pretty cool (I used to own some chicks before but gave them away because I could no longer take care of them)!

mag @ swapbot
blog me up baby