Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicken Poop Sunday

First, I would like to say hello and welcome to my visitors. I hope you enjoy my blog and decide to come back often. You never know what you may find here!!

When I first decided to blog, I thought that I would like to have titles for every day of the week. I figured it would make coming up with something to blog about much easier. Big, The Baby and I tossed around some different titles for Sunday's blogs. Big and I thought Sexy Sunday would be good, but The Baby was grossed out by the title and thought others would find it offensive also! Go figure! We came up with "Chicken Poop Sunday" because no matter what, on Sunday the chicken poop is cleaned and the yard is mowed.

I have never blogged about this before because it has always been Big's job. Since she is gone, it is up to me! I don't really mind the chore, it won't take long. Big gave the girls some leftover chicken (I know - they are carnivores!) and their poop really stinks! I thought I would share this loveliness with all my blogger buddies. Avert your eyes if you are squeamish!

This is one of our Leghorns. We have three of them. They were the first to find a home with us.

They act like they never get food! The brown and grey chickens are Arancauna, they lay blue and green eggs. They are often called "Easter Egg Chickens" because of the different colored eggs. I can't remember the breed of the other two chickens. The Baby would remember.

I have decided I will not paint my "studio" today. I am in need of some sewing therapy and my pinwheels are calling my name! The walls will be there another day!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! I saw your chicken poop floor and instantly I thought how my floor looks very often: with cat paws... Especially when it rains outside...

[Blog me up baby - a blogger follower swap!]

Allison said...

I use to have a chicken and I loved her she was so much fun, so I actually love the title for your Sunday entry!!!

Craftymom85- Blog me up Baby

Jillys Stuff said...

Love the ramblings of everyday life on your blog. Looking forward to next post. I am following.

Jill of jillysstuff/Swap-bot

Michelle said...

You have some beautiful ladies! We raised chickens for awhile. Being around critters is so relaxing.

Linda said...

I know we are true friends since you're sharing poo with me!! LOL
BTW, is that poo on the walls?
the poo factor is why my DH isn't keen on having chickens. Go figure!
Can't wait to see pics of the studio.
We are still away, I'll post about the stomp when I get back,

Marg said...

I would love to have chickens but here chickens = snakes in the yard. Now looking at those poop photos, I really really don't want them, as chickens = poop + snakes, now that is a crap combination!!!!!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

My parents had a farm . I was the queen of chicken poop. I'm gladly handing that title on to you.

Next week can we see coloured eggs.I'm fascinated by the idea of blue and green eggs.

Beth said...

What a job.... eeew! Of course, I can relate a bit, since I have always had a random assortment of pets: newts, rabbits, dogs, birds, fish... so, I've been exposed to many a dirty cage, floor, tank or otherwise! And it's all just YUCK!

(beth619 stopping in from Swap-Bot to say "hello!")