Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm Crabby Today (Beware of potty mouth words)

Do you ever wake up feeling like a rip roaring b---h? Well, I did this morning. As I lay in bed, I started to wonder why I would feel so crabby. I mean, I have a wonderful partner, a smart and beautiful daughter, a mom who drives me crazy (don't we all have one of those?) a good home and so much more. How could you be pissy when you have all that?

Perhaps the cat running across my head at 5:00 a.m. in the morning is a reason.

Perhaps I am crabby because I have just washed the same load of clothes for the 3rd time and now I am out of wash detergent!

Perhaps it is the Granny Square that I had been working so lovingly on, that was found on the kitchen floor with a row unraveled. Thanks a lot prison kitty!

Perhaps it is the fact that I had to make my own coffee (Big usually does it the night before and sets the timer!). This is enough to set me off no matter what kind of day is ahead of me.

Perhaps it was the fact that I had to lug two giant, heavy trash cans down the long driveway for the trash people to pick up. Or that the sky decided to break open and let out a downpour when I was at the bottom of the driveway!

Perhaps I am a bitch because I just realized how many calories were in a McDonald's Carmel Frappe. Honestly, I have become addicted to them and now you tell me they are fattening? Come on, I thought they were just coffee!

I decided to look at some blogs, thinking that would make me happy. It did the opposite. How the hell do these women wake up every morning that cheery and crafty? Honestly, were they up till three in the morning making that dress or another purse or re-doing some room in their house? Don't they have cats running across their head and a dog in the bed that snores as much as their partner? How do they get 5 million bazillion followers?

Well, enough of that. I have a horribly long list of things I have to do, so I am off for now. Hey, you know what? I think my problem may be that my sugar is low! As soon as I sign off, I am going to finish that Ben & Jerry's. That should do the trick!

Hope you all have a better day that I am!

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Longvacation said...

Yeah, I do wake up feeling like that quite often. I think it must be a hormonal imbalance. All that other stuff you mentioned would just be fuel for the fire, not necessarily the cause. You just have to ride it out until the tide turns.

Shevvy said...

Don't worry, the shiny happy people are probably on really strong uppers and are totally oblivious to the chaos going on around them!

I on the other hand am happy to be stimulated by coffee, coca cola and chocolate and willfully leave the ironing pile for another day.

Trish said...

Yep, I wake up that way some days too. I, like you, am spoiled by my husband making the coffee the night before....sometimes he forgets--GRRRRR!!!! And, yep, sometimes life is just crappy, but tomorow will come and, hopefully, it will be a better day.

I wonder how other bloggers have so many followers, too....

AnnieO said...

Blog posting means you get to leave all that crap out, unless its really bad, like your day today, at which point you NEED some commenters to sympathize with you! So here is a virtual hug to go along with your caffeine and sugar.

Maybe you can lock the animals out of the bedroom tonight?

quiltfool said...

Good luck perking up. I know that if Rob is gone and I have to carry the extra weight, it puts me a pretty grumpy mood. Especially the coffee thing. Can't they just invent something next to the tap that dispenses hot coffee whenever you need it? Lane

Marg said...

I think I have prison kitty's twin here with me. At least yours woke you up at 5 am, mine decided 2.45 am was wake up time. I am thankful that it is Lulu and she only wieghs a few pounds, if it had been Bailey and his 16.5 lbs I probably wouldn't be here commenting!
I used to have Creme Brulee Iced Coffee frappe (with skim milk) until I found out how many calories were in the creme brulee mix.
My blog was obviously not one of those you read this morning, ha ha!

Michelle said...

LOL! I'm not laughing at you, but with you. Some days are just like that. Mostly, it sounds like you're missing Big.

Anonymous said...

Urgh, I hate these kinda days. Sometimes all it takes is one little thing to set you off and then every other little thing gets to you too. I hope you're feeling better soon. Ben and Jerry's ought to do the trick!

Cameron said... do they get so many Followers?

...To tell you the truth...I am quite often creating/crafting, etc. into the wee hours of the night.... I feel great that I got something accomplished (while the dishes and other nuisances plague my peripheral vision)...

....but then I wake up cranky with a capital CRANK. I say that I'll go to sleep early the next nite to make up for it... then I get caught up in something (again, not laundry or anything menial like that...haha). In fact, I was supposed to go to bed early tonite. It's 12:24 am as I write this *yawn*
Only 4 more blogs to visit! Off I go...but I'll be back :)

Here's looking at your blog *raises coffee mug*,

(PaintMyselfPretty/Swap-bot~Blog me up baby)

Elizabeth said...

I'm not particularly fond of mornings. They come much too early for my taste. So I generally just tolerate them, but I've so been there when there is really no reason to be a grump but I am. Every once in a while is OK. I'm reading this after the fact, so I know that you're doing better, which I'm glad for! Hope all is sunny in your neck of the woods.

xo -E