Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I am off to see an old friend of mine. We met when we lived in Morgantown, WV. She has a daughter who is a year younger than The Baby and they got to be good friends and so did Bettina and I. We are the type of friends who don't talk often, but when we do, it is as if we talk every day. Her life is a bit stressful right now, her daughter will be a Freshman at WVU this year and will live on campus. So even though they will be in the same city, it will create a different relationship. Bettina also has a pre-teen son and an almost pre-teen son. Can you imagine the testosterone in that house? Her husband is often out of town and he is not able to help out much. On top of that her mother-in-law came to live with them and they just added about 800 square foot to their house to accommodate her. Along with the square footage, they added a substantial amount of debt!! I look forward to chatting with her and catching up on what is happening in her life.

I am excited about this weekend. The county I live in is going to be a part of a 3 county garage sale. My understanding is that you park and walk from sale to sale. Last year, out city alone had over 800 sellers. I imagine it will be crazy and I can't wait to be a part of it. I will head out early tomorrow (the 1st day) then I will go again with my crazy friend Lisa on Friday. Don't know that I will find much, but I will enjoy the hunt. Wish me luck!

I told you that I would post about my last garage sale finds, and as you can tell, I haven't. I have decided to wait until tomorrow and link it up to a few other sites. I may even have some other goodies to show you!

Well, off to get ready. Hope you have a great day!

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quiltfool said...

Hope you have a good visit. Can't imagine all those people living in one house. Glad to hear you're a garage saler as well. I love a good bargain hunt. Lane

Michelle said...

Have fun with your friend, and at the huge city garage sale.