Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I am Working On

I thought I would show a couple of photos of what I have been working on. I have recently talked about my pinwheel quilt. Here is what I have accomplished so far.

I am not fond of this photo. I tried to capture all of the blocks. The lighting is bad. It is hard to see the flowers clearly. I am using the back of a plastic table cloth for a design wall and I can see the ugly flowers showing through! Note to self - purchase flannel for the design wall.

This photo is a little clearer, but still not great.

I am wondering if I should keep the blocks together like this or put a sashing. What do you think? There will be a 6 inch border with applique vines and flowers at the top right and bottom left corners. The border will be the same white on white fabric that is used in the blocks. Big thinks I should use sashing, I am not so sure.

This is a shawl that I have been knitting for about 7 months. I hope to get it finished by fall! I am very cold blooded and Big is hot blooded, so I need this. It is actually a very pretty olive green, the photo doesn't show the proper color.

The pattern says the shawl is "Easy," but I am not sure I would classify it that way. Once you get the stitches down, it is not hard, but it does take a lot of focus. I am sure a good knitter would see lots of mistakes!

I am hoping for a new camera for Christmas. I have dropped lots of hints. I would love to be able to take better photos. I need to take some time to learn a photo enhancing program on the computer also. What kind of camera do you all use? Do you use a photo enhancing program? If so, which one?

Hope you all had a great day!

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quiltfool said...

Hey, Cynthia. I've made a couple of pinwheel quilts and haven't sashed them. One was, like yours, a variety of fabrics. I think a sashing would look nice. Your shawl looks great. I'm crocheting an afghan for project Linus right now to use up all my scraps of yarn. Haven't knitted in a while, but have the yarn for a terrific pair of socks I want to start sometime. Lane

Linda said...

Hey Cynthia
The quilt is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it done.
I have a Sony digital. My SIL is a techy, and recommended this one since it has a Carl somebody lens. Very easy to use, good onscreen info, but you can have it blank to shoot. The pics on my blog were taken with it.
The family bought me a Flip for my birthday, very clear videos.

Shevvy said...

Well I only use sashing on mine when the points and stuff don't match to help disguise how badly I have done the piecing but it doesn't look like you have that problem at all!

I have sony T77 which I am happy with. I'm not that bothered by cameras, as long as most of the pics come out okay, it is small and light and not too pricey.

Marg said...

The pinwheels look fabulous, I always love the look of sashing, but then it makes for extra effort, and as I'm not the world's best quilter I probably wouldn't do it.
The shawl look lovely.
No idea on the camera, it seems Canon is pretty popular. I don't use a photo enhancing program, but I think I should.

Michelle said...

The pinwheels are so classic and pretty! As far as sashing I've got no advice. I think they'd look lovely either way.

The shawl is gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

Wow, your shawl is really gorgeous! I am a big fan of pinwheels and love yours. I think sashing would be really pretty, but I also like it without. How helpful is that ;)?

xo -E

ElizabethMD Jewelery said...

I'm not a quilter but I think it looks fantastic so far. Keep up the good work!

ElizabethMD from swap bot

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I think your pinwheels would look glorious with or without sashing so I'm no help either.

I have a sony cybershot thats about 6 years old and still going string.It's idiot proof. Not that I'm implying you're an idiot. At work I use a Canon Ixus which is terrific too.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Hi Cynthia, I love your pinwheels just as they are without sashing. But...if you are wanting to make it bigger and couldn't be fussed doing more pinwheels - it would still look pretty with sashing. From a lazy Di who is not keen on piecing!!!

Mimi said...

heya hunny bee this is ichigoshortcake from swapbot! yOU Have a pretty pretty blog! Nice shawl!!! x

Mimi said...

heya hunny bee this is ichigoshortcake from swapbot! yOU Have a pretty pretty blog! Nice shawl!!! x