Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to "Normal"

Thing are getting back to some semblance of "normal." Big went back to work today (I am not sure if she will make it the entire day or not), The Baby is back in school and the dog, the three cats, the bird and the 8 chickens and I are here with a long day of chores ahead of us. I have a list of "To Do's" that is so long, all I want to do is run away from it! My plan is to go slow and tick one thing off at a time.

Today I will:

1.) Vacuum
2.) Sweep/Mop (My Mom bought me a shark - so I don't really hate mopping as much)
3.) Laundry
4.) Plan a menu for 2 weeks
5.) Plan a grocery list
6.) Pay bills
7.) Put new handles on the kitchen cabinets
8.) Some sort of crafting (I want this to be #1, but I will be good and do chores first)

The Baby called this morning to say hello and let me know what is going on in her life. As she is telling me what her daily plan is, I can hear that she has labored breathing. She is like Big and easily gets upper respiratory infections, so I begin to worry. I didn't want to interrupt her, so I let her talk and I continue to get more concerned about the breathing. She finally stopped talking for a moment (we both talk a lot - I blame it on my Mom!) and I asked her why she was breathing so heavy. She had one of these in her hands -

She was busy cleaning the grease spots off the wall in the kitchen! Ahh...she is a chip off the old Mom block!

Well, I am off to get my list started. I just remembered, I get to hang with the Quilty Ladies and my Guild tonight. I am feeling more a part of the group, so I hope the meeting will go well. Have to go find a red, white and blue fat quarter for trading!

Have a wonderful day!

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Doris Sturm said...

Hello, my name is Doris and I saw you left a comment on my blog (CrochetinginGeorgia.) It's nice to meet you. Boy, you have a big to do schedule for today. I'm not quite that ambitious, but then it's just me and the dog and he doesn't care if I get the laundry or the dishes done or not. All he wants is a walk and a belly rub (maybe a little tug-o-war with his Miss Piggy)...I hope your daughter can save herself by losing some weight while she's still young. It only gets harder with age - I know, I'm struggling with weight myself.

Take care and God bless you,
Doris and Gizzy

shirley said...

I have one of those lists of chores at the moment as well getting ready for visitors at the weekend but I think my stitching might get up to Number one. Have been washing all the pillows and that is done as well as the linen for their beds, probably dusting and floors will be the next thing....after the stitching!!!

Race you!

Marg said...

I now try to get as many "chores" completed as possible before I start crafting. Otherwise I never get anything done. So far it is working reasonably well, and I am doing a bit of both.
Hope you have a nice time at the Guild meeting, glad to see you are feeling more a part of the group.

Di's Quilting and Craft said...

Maybe your crafting could be your reward for doing your chores:-)
Get the boring stuff out of the way first. Glad you are fitting into guild more, it can be fun if you ignore the politics. Tell me, what is a "shark"? It sounds like something I need if it makes you like mopping a bit better! Regards