Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chicken Poop Sunday - Update

I found that cleaning chicken poop is a hard job - it is also a bit disgusting. Note to self: Don't let Big give the chickens meat products anymore!!

After laboring in the chicken coop (10 minutes) and having a shower, I realized I was hungry. Nothing I have at home looked good, so off I went to Kroger (local grocery store.) Below is a photo of what I purchased. I think I hit all the food groups. Potato chips = vegetable, Ben & Jerry = dairy, Cheese Curls = protein (that is probably really stretching it, I don't think there is any cheese in them) Please notice that I also purchased some granola. That is for breakfast in the morning so I can regulate my system after putting all of this crap in it.

Speaking of healthy eating - I saw something in the ice cream isle that really got me upset. Activia is making ice cream!!!! WTF!!! Really now people, if we want to eat ice cream and get fat and clog our arteries and our digestive systems, let us do it! I gave up cigarettes and hard liquor (not wine as we all know). Dude, let me have my bad for you but good tasting ice cream! On that note, I am off to eat my dairy product for the day.

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Kitty Darkness Designs said...

haha, i love how you categorized the food groups here! i need some dairy myself :)

xoxo Tarah/MissThundercat
Here via Blog me up baby - a blogger follower swap

CallanNMasonsMama said...

Ben & Jerry's. Ohhhhhh. Now I want some.

HayleyK from Swap-Bot.

Shevvy said...

I don't understand the appeal of keeping chickens, but then I don't eat many eggs. Certainly not worth the clean up job! Yuck. And what about when they get old and you have to become a chicken killer?

The munchies I can understand. I had a proper roast at my Mums for lunch so for tea time it is all about chocolate! for those in the know, Hotel Chocolat to be exact!

MindyAnn said...

Wow! I'm really impressed with this blog! Its very well done!

Marg said...

That made me laugh first thing on a Monday morning. Excellent, now I feel much better as I know when I eat all that stuff I am having a balanced diet including all food groups. Thanks Cynthia.

DANA said...

Makes my chicken poop free Sunday seem even better! I enjoy reading your blog! Danajeanward from swap-bot

anni said...

Haha, wonderful! I'm really going to read more of your things, you got me laugh (which is a wonder, normally nobody gets me laughing before I get my morning tea!)

Anni (jekkuanni at swap-bot)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Good to see you're eating properly in Big's absence. That would have been a well rounded meal if you'd included the wine!

oldbatt said...

That is why I have children - they have to clean the chicken poop! When they are naughty around the house they also have to pick up dog poop - some days I have the cleanest yard around! HA! Lisa

quiltfool said...

If you ate the junk food off that beautiful china place setting, then I can assure you, it was converted from junk to something heavenly. Lane