Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missing in Action

As you all have noticed, I have been missing in action for the past couple of days. Well, maybe you haven't noticed, but I am going to tell myself that you have spent a couple of sleepless nights wondering where I was and if I was alright!

Tuesday I spent a few hours with my gyno. Dr. It was my first time meeting him and I will say that he has the bedside manner of a stick. His name is Dr. R.... well I call him Dr. Rasputin (are you making a connection yet?) I am changing the name because I am sure that his nurses will find my blog and tell Dr. Rasputin (when you read this next part, make your voice go high and nursy sounding) "Oh Dr. Rasputin, we just found this wonderful, funny, witty, enlightening blog that you must read." Then Dr. Rasputin will read it, figure out it was me who wrote it and leave some metal instrument in the cavity that will be created when he removes my womanly, baby making parts. I will never be able to fly again because I will set off the metal detectors. Hell, I probably won't ever be able to shop again because I will set off all the store detectors - I might even end up in jail! So you can see why I am protecting the innocent (myself).

I had been told that I probably would need a hysterectomy by my family Dr. who I will call Dr. Nice Lady. She says that although Dr. Rasputin has no personality/bedside manner, he is an excellent surgeon. So I guess as long as he doesn't read my blog, I will be safe. Surgery is scheduled for April 8. I am not nervous about it at all. I am more worried about leaving the running of "my" house in the hands of "Big", no one (and I mean no one) can take care of the house the way I do baby. I hope that they give me some strong drugs that I can take until "Big" decides to go back (read - run back) to work.

I did manage to get to a quilt shop and purchase some more material for my pinwheel quilt. I also got some information on some upcoming Shop Hops. I will post photos later.

Hope you are having a good week - will talk to you all later!
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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Wow! You sound pretty cool about all of this. I hope eveything goes great and you'll be back with us in no time.

I had awesome drugs after my surgery. They were so awesome, within 24 hours I was mopping floors at home and cooking dinner for 6.

I dont suggest you do that.

Linda said...

That's alot to deal with. I've never had surgery, thank God. I'll keep you in my prayers. Your sense of humor should help you alot.

oldbatt said...

Funny, funny, funny! Love the names you gave your Drs. Some of my friends say I am "green" or "thrifty" and I tell them - let's just face it - I'm cheap! Always looking for a way to make it with less money. Besides the good fabric that is. Love your postings and good luck with the surgery! Lisa

oldbatt said...

P.S. I have 2 chickens - Quiche and Lorraine (aracauna chickens) but only one is laying right now.

AnnieO said...

Hey, you're a funny writer--Love that! Surgeons often have the personality of lint because they are focused on the technical aspect of what they do---except the ortho surgeon I worked for for 13 years who was often complimented on his bedside manner! Now I work for a goofball whose patients love him but a businessman he is not (I am his office manager and keep wondering how I got this gig!) Hope your upcoming surgery is technically perfect and you have a wonderful nurse :) Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Brenda said...

I was up for a hysterectomy last year, but then things have calmed down to 'liveable' and I am very thankful - good luck with everything!

Shevvy said...

I haven't had surgery since I was 7 and had my tonsils out. My main concern was how much jelly and icecream I would get and all the pressies people gave me.
Good luck, I'm sure it will be fine.