Friday, March 19, 2010

Bad Mood

Yesterday, I did not blog. I was in a little bit of a bad mood. Big likes to say I was a Biotch (not sure how that is spelled - looks more like Bio Tech or something, anyway you get my meaning). I have not been sleeping well and I think that it is catching up with me. Also, The Baby had a bad day on Wed. and then a worse night. When I hear about her troubles, I feel somewhat helpless because she is so far away and I have to let her figure some things out on her own.

Anyway, needless to say, yesterday was sort of a waste. I did manage to get the bed made and I cooked dinner, but that was about it. I did a lot of lurking on other blogs and came up with a very long list of things I want to make. Oh yeah, I went to Dollar Tree and bought some things to make all of the crafts that are on my long list! Now I just have to get off my butt and do them. I find it easier to spend money buying what I need for projects than acutally doing the projects. What about you?

I will be honest, all I really want to do is sit on the front porch in the sun. I should have Spring Fever, but I think I have the opposite - what would that be called?

By the way, most def not my front porch, but I would kill to have one like that!

Talk to you all soon - hope you have a wonderful day!

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Piece by Piece said...

Sorry you are in a bad mood, I get those days too, wonder why, could be the loss of sleep, the weather, who knows.
I wonder when they took a picture of my porch???? Just kidding, it is beautiful.

Cynthia L. said...

Patricia - thanks for commenting and thanks for reminding me that we all get "those" days.

While looking for a photo of front porches, I found so many that I just loved! It was fun daydreaming!

Thanks for visting!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I have days where I dream more about what I'm going to do craft or quilt wise.

I guess we all need some down time occasionally, and there are days where you just have to sit on your patootie doing nothing much. I call it "re-charging". It's not wasted time.

Beautiful porch! I would love to have something like that but I'm sure my dogs would think it was solely for their benefit, so I think we'll give that a miss!

Marg said...

I find I have been having the odd day ( or twenty) where I lurk on blogs, find fabulous things that inspire me, get all enthused and then do....nothing. Oh well. Lack of sleep doesn't usually help my moods, I also find that the moon phases affect my sleeping, it took me many many years to figure that one out.
Beautiful porch, I would love some curtains like that but they would get mouldy very quickly as it is so humid here.

Audra said...

I completely understand. Especially about the baby girl...Sometimes mine calls and wants me to solve the problem or maybe she doesn't but I think I have to...after all she is my little girl. Then I remember that I have to give her the support to make the decisions on her own or she will never grow as an individual.

UGH...isn't that the worst???? Why can't we just brush off the boo boo, band aide it and give them a Popsicle and the world is a better place again??? Miss those days.

Since we can't sit down for a cuppa tea...and chocolate won't make the journey from AZ...(too hot already) I will send you a long distance hug.

All the best (hugs) around.