Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Official - I am sad!

Got home a couple of hours ago after taking "The Baby" back to college. I poured myself a glass of wine (maybe two) and realized how quiet the house is. I have picked her up and taken her back to school many times over the last 6 months, but it is always hard the first few days after she leaves. She is not only my daughter but my best friend. I really miss her!

I will be better in a day or two. It makes me very happy that she loves school, her professors and her new friends. If she were sad, I don't think I could let her go.

This week will be sort of busy, so it will help me get over being sad. Tomorrow in the a.m. I have an appointment with my Doctor. We will discuss exciting things like, high cholesterol (mine is 209) low iron (not sure of the number, but it is bad) and a probable hysterectomy. Whoopee - how exciting is that?!?! I will, however, be in a town that is bigger than where I live and it has some pretty decent shopping, so I will spend a little time spending a little money!! I have a new quilt project that I am purchasing material for. I am very excited. If you look at the McCalls Quilting site and look down the left side you will see a pinwheel quilt with some applique vines and leaves on it, that is the one I want to make. It love the white with the bright/pastel pinwheels. I need 35 different florals. I have about 10, so I figure I really must shop and spend money - what do you think??

By the way - tomorrow, I am going to introduce you to my family (Big and The Baby)and let you know a little more about me. Hope you will be interested enough to come back!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!
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Lisa said...

Sorry about that- I live in Alaska and my mom lives in OR, so I do understand. She often says that too, tho, she's happy because I am so happy here. But I do miss her, and she's coming to visit this month!
Enjoy quilt fabric shopping.... those stores are like magnets when I travel! =)

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Time spent with Baby = lovely memories and fun.

Doctor appointment = sucks.

Shopping = whooooo hooooooo!

Go nuts Girl! It is essential that you hunt down fabric. And then post about it ! I love seeing other people's finds.

I'm doing a pinwheel quilt made from paisley pastels (Moda Kashmir IV) at the moment. Well actually I've just put it away because I've lost interest. I've moved on to something that I'm thrilled and excited about. I'll post if I ever get my sewing machine back.

I can't wait to see your pictures and "meet" your family. I googled your town recently and it looks lovely (I'm not a stalker I promise- let's face it you're pretty safe given my geographic location ) It's always so cool to see a little more detail about people's lives.

Or is that just me being nosy?

quiltfool said...

Enjoy your shopping. 25 florals! That's something you always see unless you're looking for it, but hopefully the season will make your search easier. Lane