Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Floral fabric for my new quilt

As I said the other day, I am on a quest to get material for a new quilt I want to make. So, I hooked up with my friend Lisa and went to a quilt shop that is a few towns north of where we live.

While I was waiting for Lisa to check out, I sauntered over to the Bernina sewing/embroidery machine area. The sales lady that had been sitting at her computer and totally ignoring me while I was shopping for material, suddenly became interested in me. She jumped up and began to point to "The" machine. It was a beauty! It sat on a table by itself, all clean and pretty, with spools and spools of bright colored thread attached to it. My eyes were drawn to it and without noticing it, my hand made it's way to the machine and I started to touch it, actually I was stroking it. I began to hear angels sing and a voice kept saying "buy me, buy me." I looked at the sales woman, thinking it was her. She was talking, but she wasn't saying anything that sounded like "buy me." I managed to pull my hand away and ask for the price. "Only $8899," she said ever so casually. My heart stopped and I thought I would pass out at the expense. I knew that I had to turn away from "The" machine or I might actually pull out a credit card. I turned around to ask about the machines that we grouped together sitting in the dark. Sales lady waves her hand at them as if to blow them off and said, "Oh those...they are $4500." She laid her hand on my shoulder and turned my body, ever so gently, so that I was facing "The" machine again. I felt myself weaken, I began to ask questions and envision it in my sewing room. Luckily, Lisa came over and said she was finished shopping. It was enough to break the spell I was under and force myself to leave the store. Last night in bed, I dreamt of "The" machine, but I also dreamt my daughter had a huge lower jaw with very sharp teeth and was trying to bite me. I don't think either dream meant anything!!!

Anyway, here are my material choices. I think that I have about 14 or 15 of the 35 I need. Must do more shopping!!! What do you think of the colors? They will be on a white on white background.

See you soon,
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Linda said...

I have been bitten by that same machine bug, but not for the 830. My last machine, the 200, is the last one I intend to buy for a long time! I figure that's the one you were looking at by the price. I think the whole system went for 12,000 when it first came out. My first house was 19,500!
Love the fabrics. What quilt are you makign with them?

quiltfool said...

You are lucky to have a friend that can walk up at just the right moment. My local shop pressures me sometimes, but I remind him he doesn't have a machine as quiet as my 18 year old used Bernina. Enjoy fabric shopping. Lane

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I choked on my cup of tea when I read $8899. With conversion thats about quarter of a million Australian dollars..or thereabouts

So glad you were able to extricate yourself from the clutches of "The" Machine ( and the high pressure sales lady)and of course those dreams didn't mean anything. Neither did the fact you heard angels singing and voices.

I had a similar experience at the big quilting show here in November when I fell in love with an $11,000machine. I swear my husband was going to vomit when he heard the price. I really wanted the $2500.00one and suddenly he was much more amenable to the idea.

I cannot wait to see what you come up with for these fabrics. Absolutely beautiful.

P.S. Is that a note of sassy I detect in your post Cynthia? You go girl!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Wow..I really need to work on my spacing in comments. duh!

Cynthia L. said...

I am really envious that some of you have wonderful machines like the Bernina. I really want one and would pay the $4500, but right now my childs private college tuition is in line to be paid first!

I will be making a quilt with pinwheels on it. The background will be a white on white, so I think the colors will show up nicely. The quilt will also have some applique vines and leaves on the corners. I am looking forward to working on, but have to finish my Turning Twenty first!

Linda said...

Hey Cynthia
That 200 I have was purchased second hand from the shop owner. I can't fathom spending what they want now, I'll probably never buy new! ever again.
Can't wait to see your design, it sounds like it will be fun to work on. Happy fabrics always keep my interest.

Shevvy said...

Hi Cynthia, thanks for visiting my blog. This post made me laugh so much and then choke.

I can totally understand wanting to touch "the machine". I'm very touchy feely and we forget how important the tactile experience is. I like to touch furniture, ceramics, all sorts.

And then the price - *&%^&$%%£$%"$ - the PRICE!

Your friend reminded me of myself once years ago. I took a male friend to the Ideal Home Show when he was first setting up home and he got sucked into a vendor who was selling an "Ironing System". A board with a fancy air flow system and a big iron. He was tempted to pay £500 for this! Eventually I dragged him away and the vendor clearly wanted to kill me!