Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on the Boyfriend

I am sure that some of you are chomping at the bit to know if The Boyfriend survived the weekend or not! Big and I held back and did not do any bodily harm to him. The Baby and The Boyfriend had a tiff (I am now using the British language!) on Sunday morning, but seemed to make up. When he got ready to leave, he told The Baby he wanted to "Take a Break." She is upset and doesn't really understand, but is taking the time to decide if she can deal with the trust issues and if she really wants to go back to school with the drama that has been going on between them.

It breaks my heart to see her hurting, but I know she has to go through it and learn from it. As always we support her.

By the way - I am sure The Boyfriend waited until he was almost in the car to "take a break" so he could have a quick getaway!!

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Michelle said...

Sorry your girl is so sad. :-(

shirley said...

what a Rat...he doesn't deserve her..I am sure there is a nice well bought up handsome boy out there.

Just tell her to hold her head high at school he is the one with the problems.

Glad you got through the weekend without committing bodily harm. :)

Shevvy said...

You should have chucked the cookies at him on his way out!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Bet you're wishing you'd kicked his arse first thing...sorry the baby is feeling so dreadful.

What a slimebag....

baby should absolutely go back to school . Why let dirtbag ruin her education?

quiltfool said...

Boys are bad. I know she can't see it now, but if he's this fickle, she'll be better off without him. Lane