Thursday, July 8, 2010

I Finished Something

I told you I was feeling crafty today! I finally finished my clothes pin holder. I started it about a month ago and finished it a few minutes ago. I really like it. I wanted something colorful and fun. I think washing needs all the help it can get!

When I am finished with lunch, I will be making my second batch of blueberry jam! YUM! Then, if I have time, I will back in my sewing room to make a pillowcase for Big out of some "Olivia The Pig" material The Baby and I found. Big writes and illustrates children's books (nothing published - I can't get her to send anything in) and while reading children's books for research (and because she is a big kid) she found Olivia and fell in love. I was going to make the pillowcase for her birthday, but I couldn't keep the fabric a secret from her! I am not good at keeping secrets.

I have always wondered how crafty women/men got all the work done that they show in their blogs. I found the secret - NO HOUSEWORK!!

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Trish said...

LOL!!! yep, my house takes a backseat to housework!!!!

Shevvy said...

Ah bless! We are corrupting you with our housework free ways! Love the holder, my one is in bits (was going to say knackered but then wasn't sure about the slang) and I keep thinking I should make a new one.

Marg said...

I love the holder, very nice fabric. Yep, when i am in a crafty mood, absolutely no housework gets done.
I love blueberry things. Blueberry jam, yummmm.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I do so little housework these days I dont know where my peg tin is.

I love your peg holder though.

I think you should continue to encourage Big to send some of those stories in - she may well become famous. Then she can quit her day job!

Michelle said...

Very cute!

AnnieO said...

Your clothespin holder is cute!

You'd think that in sunny SoCalif that everyone would have a clothesline but I have never had one. Shameful I know!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Cynthia! LOL! Yes, it does take a very organized mind to get EVERYTHING you want to do, DONE!.. And you just never can tell, some days I'm VERY focused, and other days my thoughts are absolutely RACING EVERYWHERE! I've found it best to get as much of the housecleaning I can in, WHILE I AM FOCUSED!.. Love your clothes pin bag! VERY pretty!.. And blueberry jam sounds delicious! Just hope you're keeping cool where you are, and that you're enjoying your weekend! ~tina