Thursday, July 15, 2010

This and That Thursday

I like the idea of having a theme on certain days. So, I have come up with This and That Thursday. What do you think? I am going to use it as a place to put random comments and things that happen in my life. They will be in no particular order and will follow the way my mind works - flitting from here to there. So here goes.

The Baby's boyfriend will be here late today. I am not sure how the weekend will go, could be good, could be bad. I am sure he will be nervous to be around Big and myself. He thinks we don't approve of him and after the lying incident, I am sure he thinks we think even less of him. I have mixed emotions, but I support The Baby.

I made a checkbook cover a couple days ago. I want to make one for The Baby but she has to pick out the fabric. I would make one for Big, but she is not allowed to have a checkbook or much over $5.00!!

Yesterday, I felt like crap. My head hurt, my throat hurt, my body hurt - you get the picture. So I decided to sit on the sofa and knit. I am listening to a good book on CD so that helped pass the time. I was almost sorry when the family came home and I had to stop the book!

Speaking of books on CD - Big listens to them on her way to and from work. She carpools with three guys and if she is driving they get to listen also! They pretend they are asleep, but they are really listening. Anyway, she had been listening to a book written and narrated by a British woman. It was about 12 discs long and after about disc 8, she began to incorporate British words in her vocabulary. I would always crack up when she would say them.

So yesterday, I told her I had shared the fact that we had a blow out the other day.

Big - "Why would you say that?"

Me - "Well, my bloggie buddies are my friends and I tell them everything."

Big - "At least you could have said we had a row!"

At this point I started cracking up and said, "Why would I say that? It means the same thing!"

Big - "It sounds classier!"

Big is a real character!

Today I will get some cleaning done, prepare the bed for The Boyfriend, make zuchinni bread and get my craft on! I will be listening to my book on CD as much as possible!

On Monday, my crazy friend Lisa will be over to work on a wallet pattern. I will make lunch for us and I am sure we will have fun.

Hope you have a great day!

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Shevvy said...

Having a row is classy?? LOL! Surely it should have been having a tiff instead. Or get down and dirty with a full blown slanging match!
I am a bit fan of audio books, Stephen Fry doing Harry Potter is a work of genius!

quiltfool said...

Boy, I hear ya' about hating to turn off the fun when the family gets home. Sometimes I'd like to send them right back out again. Love the checkbook cover. And, I think you're okay until Big asks you to make fish and chips. That might be a little too far. Lane

Marg said...

Hope you're feeling better now, there seems to be a lot of bugs hanging around this year.
Great checkbook cover. Are you going to show us what you are knitting?
I agree with Shevvy Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter is brilliant. Loved listening to it in the car when we were driving long distances.
Here in Aus we would possibly use the term "having a blue" to refer to a blow out. Have no idea where that phrase comes from though.

Michelle said...

Have a "row"? I love it!

AnnieO said...

Wow, 12 discs of a British accent, that would definitely influence vocabulary! Too funny. I haven't listened to any audio books though my sister loves them (I KNOW, I live under a rock).

I was thinking of making a themed day too but haven't come up with any ideas that passed muster. Is that British enough?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Being a fan of theme days I love your idea of this and that Thursday.

At least Big has a sense of humour. I get to listen to english accents in RL all the time. My best friend is English and has only been here 4 years . Apparently I've picked up her accent.

Give the boyfriend hell !