Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Have you Ever??

Have you ever thought to your self, I should _____________ (fill in the blank). As soon as you think this your intuition tells you it is not a good idea. You really want to ____________, so you decide that weird feeling in your stomach is really just an argument between your stomach and the hot sauce you ate last night. So you foolishly decide to go ahead with ___________.

My bright idea for the afternoon was to make some cookies. I was really jonesing something sweet. (I would have been happy to just eat the dough!) I decided some of the dough should become real cookies - so my story begins. My intuition was screaming - but I wouldn't listen. Sugar craving was screaming louder than intuition.

I mixed the dough, got out the cookie sheet and the parchment paper.

Dough on the cookie sheet (also in my mouth) - Check.

Dough in the oven - Check.

Cookies done to perfection - Check.

Then things started to go bad.

I decided to use the dishtowel as an oven mitt - bad idea #1. It, of course, touched the bottom burner and began to flame up. I was already pulling the cookie sheet out of the oven when the dish towel caught on fire, so I decided to quickly pull the cookie sheet out of the oven - mistake # 2. The cookie sheet has no edge - the first row of cookies slid off the sheet! Some landed on the bottom of the oven and some landed in that little crack that is made when you open the oven door. You know that area you can never seem to get really clean? I threw the towel in the sink, ran water on it to put the fire out and then turned back to the burning cookies!

Hmm...how to get them out of the oven before they too, catch on fire? I got the spatula and decided I could scoop them up and the job would be done - mistake # 3. The cookies slid when I went to pick them up with the spatula. Without thinking, I used my fingers to stop them from sliding - mistake # 4. Burned fingers. While jerking my fingers away, the cookies fell in the crack! Now 6 cookies were in the crack. Now how to get to them? I got two spoons and got most of it out. I closed the oven door and pulled open the drawer that is under the oven. The rest of the cookies fell on the floor. When I turned around to get a paper towel to pick up the cookies, the dog swooped in and grabbed the very hot cookies! She let out a little yelp, but ate the cookie pieces anyway. She keeps licking her lips! Poor baby.

Anyway, I decided to put the rest of the dough in the refrigerator and stop before I could do any more damage! My fingers are killing me and it is hard to type and the dog is acting like she is mad at me!

I should have listened to my intuition.

I think I will just sit here and order out for dinner! Hope you have a safe day!

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Michelle said...

Yikes Cynthia! And yet making cookies seems so harmless. I can understand why you didn't pay your intuition any heed. Not the same as taking a loan out on a houseboat or something.

Hope your fingers and the dogs lips recover quickly.

Marg said...

Wow, who knew so much damage could be inflicted by cookie making. Did you get to try even one of the cookies, or was the whole batch destroyed?
I'm sorry that your fingers are burnt, and you now have to clean that darn crack and the bottom of the oven, but thanks for an entertaining post. You started my day off with a smile.

shirley said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who hates the person (probably a male who has never cleaned a stove in his life) who designed the oven with that little crack under the door and that there is someone else in the world who has trouble cleaning it.

Hope the rescued cookies tasted ok and your fingers are feeling better.

Everytime i get an appliance with those hard to clean places I think to myself "I bet a man designed this"

Shevvy said...

OMG, what a nightmare. Sounds like the sort of day where the only thing to do is get a take away and go back to bed!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

If you were really smart you could have done this. As soon as you put the dishtowel fire out, you should have turned off the oven , left the cookies in the crack , and went out and bought a new oven. Simple really.

And for crying out loud , why arent you soothing that burnt finger by dipping it in cookie dough? Then you can lick it off and put it back in the cookie dough again...

I hereby dub this Cookie-gate.

Elizabeth said...

I had a day kind of like yours today, although there was not bodily harm done to anyone, thank goodness. I hope that all is well now.

xo -E