Friday, July 16, 2010

The Boyfriend

The Boyfriend arrived last night. I haven't killed him yet! I am doing my best to not lecture him on the evils of lying and making my daughter cry. Big is doing her best to not beat the crap out of him! (Actually she is very passive when away from work - I, on the other hand, could easily beat him!)

They just left to go out to dinner and a movie. Here are a couple of photos. Of course, my favorite is the one where she is shaking her fist at him!

Big and I will be alone for most of the night. I think we will follow Mrs. P and try some of her wonderful Slack Tea menus. Hmmm...I still have some Vegemite! (See Marg, I brought it up again) Big is usually really tired by the time Friday rolls around and I usually don't feel much like cooking a big meal. We will probably watch a movie and fall asleep on the sofa before it is over! Ahhh... isn't getting older wonderful? (read - a bitch)

Hope you all have something better planned for the night! Let me know - perhaps it will be on our schedule next weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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Marg said...

Cute photos. I can't believe you still have that Vegemite, and the fact that you said you had some Vegemite would leave me to believe you have actually been eating that road tar. Or did you use it on your driveway?
My Friday night was equally exciting, sitting crocheting while watching nothing in particular on tv.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Yep- I'm a wild and crazy chic as well...I plonked my butt down in front of the computer and sat here reading blogs and hooking up with google until bedtime.

I havent had a life since about 1991.

It's actually bad to repress your feelings. If you want to beat the snot out of the BF I say go for it. But I'm not condoning violence. Looks like the Baby might be ready to swing a wild punch of two by the looks of that photo . I have feeling your girl can take care of herself.

Also, I think you secretly liked that vegemite.I'm just saying, Cynthia. When you run out they do make it in 5 pound buckets. Let me know and I'll send you one.

Shevvy said...

5 pounds Shay!!! No!
I was going to say (before I got that horrible mental image) that the bf knows he is due some humiliation and thats why he is letting photos like that be taken!
Add a nice big glass of rose and some more crap telly and you got my Friday night....

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Kid you not Shevvy...

It's so refreshing to know we are equally pathetic.

Marg said...

Shay is not kidding, there are huge buckets of Vegemite here....don't tempt her or she will send you one!!!!!!
It's so good to see that we are all equally pathetic when it comes to Friday night partying!

Michelle said...

Your daughter and the boyfriend are very cute. Yep, I understand about wanting to knock the crap of out him. But remember, he is young, and the young do make mistakes. The real question is whether they learn from them or not. :-)