Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Gift From Lisa

I received a call on Monday morning from my friend Lisa wanting to know if I would be home later that day. She said she was coming to town and had a gift for me. Lisa is a sweetie and is always giving me little gifts. I told her I would be home in the afternoon and I would love to see her, gift or no gift. When she got here, she made me come out to her car and close my eyes. She opened her trunk and low and behold there was an old Free-Westinghouse sewing machine in her trunk! She said she saw it at an Estate sale and thought of me, so she picked it up.

I have done a little research on it and found out that it was made in the 30's or 40's. A Mr. Free had a sewing machine company and then joined Westinghouse and then eventually was bought out by Westinghouse. I plugged it in and it works! I have it in my guest room underneath a window that looks out to the front yard. I am so excited. Today I will spend some time cleaning it up and figuring out how to work it. My sewing room is in the basement (our basement is a livable space, not just an ugly basement!) and I am not always fond of going down there. Once I am there, I am fine, but getting there is hard. I don't like dark spaces and my sewing room has no window. So this machine is perfect! I just love it and I just love Lisa!

Monday night I made these flowers for The Baby. I got the instructions from Emily's Little World. I had a blast making them - only burned my fingers once. I cut some circles out of a synthetic material (old blouse I picked up at the thrift store for about 10 cents) and I singed the edges. There are about 5 - 7 layers in each one. I added some seed beads to the center. She wants to put them on a headband. If you remember from a previous post - she loves to wear things in her hair. I am sure I will be making more for her and some will probably end up on a shirt.

Here is another photo from the quilt show. If I remember correctly, there were 128 different blocks in it. I think it is really beautiful.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I am off to clean the driveway so we can lay a coat of stuff that looks like tar on it. Our winters are hard on the asphalt. This project will take many days - our driveway is probably about 500 feet long! Wish me luck.

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Michelle said...

What a gift! You ought to show off your vintage sewing machine at Vintage Thing Thursday. Check it out at:

oldbatt said...

Good luck on the driveway - what yucky work! Those flowers are wonderful and I will have to check out that website. Thanks for the great quilt show pictures - always inspiring! Great to have a friend named Lisa, isn't it???? Best, Lisa

Marg said...

You are so clever, the flowers are beautiful, lucky Baby.
What a lovely friend,Lisa, thinking of you and giving you such a fab gift. I love having my sewing machine in the living area as i have such nice views to look at, the only problem is the mess that I create can't be hidden.
Good luck with the driveway.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Wow what an amazing friend! Your machine has lots of character.

And lucky baby to have such a talented Mum. The flowers are just gorgeous.

Your driveway job sounds like a lot of work. Ugh!

Linda said...

My Goodness
What a wonderful gift. and I love the quilt, and the flowers are very fun-looking.
We have a Singer treadle which we bought at an antique store. It has the coffin case on top, since the machine doesn't fold down. I was in the market for just the table, but to get the machine, plus puzzle box, plus the original bill of sale and a legal document from a will/estate thing. We were thrilled.

Are you planning to use it at all? Does it have bullet bobbins?