Thursday, July 5, 2012

Heat, Sinuses and Other Stuff

Hello all!  The heat and my sinus infection kept me out of sorts for almost a week.  I am happy to say, my sinus infection is almost gone.   I am sorry to report, I can not say the same for the heat!

I have tried to stay busy in my sewing studio (I feel important when I call my room a studio) and the kitchen. 

I made a set of  place mats for The Baby.  I wish the colors showed up better in this photo.  They are vibrant green, yellow, orange and blue.  I like them so much, I may keep them!

I embroidered a pillow case for my Mom.  As you know she lives in Texas, so I thought this would be appropriate.  I was able to get it finished and in the mail just in time for her Independence Day party!

Peach upside down cake was on the menu last week.  The cake was OK.  I don't think it will be on the list of things to make again.  Both Big and I had a piece while it was warm and the rest went to the neighbors.  Hmmm...I haven't seen the neighbors in a few days, hopefully they are still alive!

As  you know, we belong to a CSA.  I have filled up the freezer in the garage refrigerator and the freezer in the house refrigerator.  Knowing there would be more veggies and fruit to freeze, Big and I purchased a new freezer!  I am so excited about it.  It is pretty sad when you get excited about a freezer isn't it?

Big and I went to the Independence Day firework show in our town of Fredericksburg.  We sat in a parking lot a few blocks from the park where the show was going on.  It was a pretty show.  Fireworks are hard to capture on film, especially when you don't know what you are doing! (Like me)  Big and I have decided we will make the trip to D.C. next year and see the show there.  I imagine it will be fantastic!  (Perhaps I will have better knowledge of my camera by then also!)

Hope you all have had a wonderful few days!  Thanks for stopping by!

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P. said...

Hey, I'm excited about your freezer. I would like one myself so we can buy that grass-fed beef that is only sold by the 1/4 animal. Nice looking placements and again I am loving your machine embroidery. Glad you're feeling better!

Shay said...

I get excited about all sorts of electrical appliances so I understand what you're talking about. Its kind of like the adult version of getting a new toy!

I'd be keeping those placemats myself.

And Im sure the neighbours are still alive. The police would have been round by now if they werent...

Marg said...

I'm excited about your freezer too. It will be nice to be able to utilise all those beautiful vegetables during winter too.
I'm sure the neighbours are still alive, you are, lol.
Love the place mats, lucky Baby.