Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

Today is Friday and that means it is time to join Quilting in my Pyjamas for Favorite Things Friday! 

I was going to post about my latest obsession favorite thing, cooking. 

While I was standing in the kitchen making Rhubarb, Blackberry, Lime Jam and canning some tomatoes, I decided my favorite thing is air conditioning.

One for upstairs, one for downstairs!

Tomatoes and Rhubarb, Blackberry, Lime Jam and Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
I am not sure how the women on the prairie did all the cooking and storing of food back then.  The poor things had wool clothes!!  They had to build a fire to cook!!  Even in the freaking summer!  Oh yes, lets not forget they also had to grow and pick the produce.

I think the wonderful person who invented air conditioning should be given a day of the year to be honored.  We could call the day, Cool Guy Day, or something great like that.

Thanks for visiting.  Sorry this is a short post.  I am catching up from being in Miami last week.  Love vacations, just not the work before and after them.  Oh yeah, I have a sinus infection that is really getting me down.

Matilde, Connor and I.  Wouldn't you know I would find a winery!

Have a great weekend.

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Nanci said...

Funny, here at the cottage we don't have air, but when the screens are all open and the fans on, we get the lake breezes and it is tolerable.
But in the city...air for sure! A good FTF.

P. said...

I am laughing out loud! Here I thought, with those beautiful preserves, you were going to say that, but AC! Yeah, how did our foremothers do it? Even my mother I remember sweating in a hot kitchen, putting up tomatoes in August. Know what else I remember? Everybody was crabby! Thank goodness for AC!

Shay said...

Hope that sinus infection clears up soon. They are the pits!

Living in a place where Summer routinely is scorching, I praise the air conditioning gods frequently between November and March. I don't know how anyone managed without it way back when (although I recall not having it when I was a kid and sleeping on the bathroom floor where it was cool!)

And by the way , if you're getting too hot over there you can always pop on over to my neck of the woods. Its anything but hot here !

Shabby Cottage Collectibles said...

I remember growing up no one had air conditioning maybe only a fan. Being raised in the country it was always way cooler then in the city. Today I don't want to live without my air conditioner! Warm hugs, Esther

Marg said...

Those jams sound delicious.
I hope your sinus infection clears soon, I agree with Shay, they are bad.
This time of year I am loving reverse cycle air conditioning. When it's cold here it's the quickest way to warm the house. I could not do without some air con in summer either. Fortunately we have nice breezes here and it generally doesn't get too hot in summer, but there are days when it would be unbearable without it.