Monday, June 11, 2012

Good Day? Bad Day?

Hello All!  Hope you have had a great day.  Mine has been one of those days that you are either happy about or would like to scream about!

Here are a few examples:

Big had an appointment with her Ortho Doctor.  He said she was, "Good to go." and released her from visits - good.  We waited over an hour before I forced Big to ask why we were not going back to see the Doctor (everyone else had been back and some had left), the receptionist realized she still had Big's file and then charged her $30.00 for a co-pay.  Her  surgery bill was supposed to cover all follow-up appointments within a certain amount of time, her last appointment should have been last week.  No one let her know that - Bad.

Daisy, the dog, had two poops on her evening walk - Good!  My nail poked a hole in the poo bag and I had dog poo under my fingernail - Bad!  (Big almost gaged when I told her)

My mojo finally came to visit me again - Good.  We have been busy running errands and visiting Doctors today and I have accomplished nothing - Bad.

I watered all of the plants this afternoon.  I even drug the plants form the sun room outside for a good soaking - good.  It began to storm - bad.  Well, this was not really so bad, I just wished I had not watered 30 minutes before the storm broke!

I could go on about a few other things, but I think I would get depressed and hide in a corner for a month or two!  I hope to find my mojo tomorrow and get a lot of projects completed.

Big and I will be in Miami next week, and I hope to visit with a friend that was our neighbor when we lived there about 11 years ago!

Have a great evening! 

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AMW said...

Sounds like a balanced day. I prefer my days a little more tilted toward the good side, but we take what we can get. Have fun in Miami!!

Shevvy said...

Really, did you have to share the poo story! I didn't need to hear that ;)