Friday, June 15, 2012


I am so sick of vegetables, this is what I have become!

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I don't want to clean them!  I don't want to cook them!  Right now, I don't want to eat them!

Big questioned my logic when we signed up for the CSA.  I swore I would never get sick of vegetables.  I swore I would always love them and never want the fresh goodness to end.

I was wrong!

I was very wrong!

Please don't tell Big!  I will never hear the end of it!

We have a freaking truckload of vegetables in our refrigerator.  I have quit opening the door because they call my name.  They whisper things like, "Eat us," Cook us," Puree us," "Freeze us!"  I just shut the refrigerator door and pretend I am unable to hear their wailing.

Last night, I made Big take me to the Mexican food restaurant.  When the waiter asked what I wanted for dinner, my response was, "Anything that doesn't have vegetables!"  He looked at me oddly and brought me a plate of chicken!

We will be in Miami for a week and boy am I happy about it.  I will eat so much seafood, that I will be sick of it.  I may be happy to see a vegetable when I get back.  (Or so I am hoping)

I was able to get to my sewing room today.  I embroidered a t-shirt for Big's Mom.  Her 79th birthday is on July the third and she likes all things patriotic.

I also began to embroider some napkins I picked up at Target the other day.  The napkin is a light yellow - sorry it doesn't show up well.  It is after 10:00 p.m. and the light sucks in the kitchen.

I would hate to think you didn't get a chance to enjoy a view of our dinner tonight.  Guess what we ate?  If you guessed vegetables, you are right!

Fresh, homemade salsa.  Hot and good!

As sick as I am of all things that grow in dirt, these quesadillas were great!  I will have them again, when the color green doesn't make me green!

Vegetable Quesadillas - To die for

I hope all of you have a great weekend!  I will be preparing for our trip down south.  We will visit a family that we were neighbors with while we lived there.  I am expecting lots of fun and lots of wine!  Good times ahead.

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P. said...

Yeah, that's the thing about vegetables--you have to wash/prep/chop/freeze/can/cook them. Pretty labor intensive stuff that can get on your last, tired nerve. Not sure I could get tired of actually eating them, though, but I could be wrong. Someone gifted me with kale, spinach, romaine, rhubarb, and a ton of strawberries last weekend. Right away, I knew I'd have to give away at least half the strawberries and I did, to thankful neighbors. But I hear ya. Hopefully Miami will make the refrigerator at home grow fonder...or something.

Hey, that t-shirt is super cute! I want one! :) Great embroidery. Love the owls with sparklers.

Shevvy said...

The truth is I've never much enjoyed eating veg in the first place much to my Mums disgust.

I still have to force myself try and get some in my diet.

Marg said...

I go through stages of loving vegetables, then cant be bothered cooking them. At the moment I have lots of vegetables in the refrigerator but I'm not in the mood to do anything with them.

AMW said...

We went through that same thing the last two years when we joined a CSA. One of the things we got sick of was CANTALOUPE. We got one every week. So I understand where you are coming from. After vacation, you may crave them again for a little while. ;)

AnnieO said...

I'm a lazy, not very inspired cook-- and vegetables take a lot of thought and prep, so we tend to do a lot of salads and frozen veggies. Hope you enjoy your veggie break thoroughly. The embroidered baby eagles (owls?) for Big's Mom are cuuute. Love the ants too!

April M. said...

I'm new to your blog and to the food blogging world, what does CSA mean?? I've seen it on a number of blog sites...

Mrs. No-No said...

Funny!! I felt overwhelmed when I first started getting CSA baskets!!! (:
Love the pics!