Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Can't believe I didn't say in my last post that my surgery will be tomorrow which will be Thursday. For those of you on Aussie time, I guess I have already had my surgery! How am I doing? By the way Marg, I can't believe you don't want photos! I thought we bloggers took pictures of everything!

I am off to run errands and get ready for the big day. I am trying to decide if I should take embroidery, knitting or a good book. I think I will take them all and see what happens.

Thought I would leave you all with a photo of my cute kitty! His real name is Monet, but I like to call him Prison Kitty, Kitty from Hell and sometimes #&*!&@ Kitty. In this photo he was Cute Kitty (this rarely happens). The breeze was blowing the curtains and he was playing in them and I guess he got tired. Hope you enjoy this moment of cuteness. (Just in case you notice the black carpet the kitty is laying on and think "What the hell was she thinking," I did not choose that!!! It came with the house and I will be doing something about it soon.)

Thanks for all of the well wishes - see you all soon.
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quiltfool said...

Best of luck tomorrow. My thoughts will be with you. Get back to the blog soon. Lane

AnnieO said...

Best wishes for a smooth hospital visit and lots of good pain drugs.

Love the kitty!

Marg said...

Sending lots of good wishes your way today. I know exactly what you mean by @#!* kitty! Take it easy and looking forward to hearing (but not seeing) all the details!!!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Thinking of you, Cynthia. "See"you in a few days!