Monday, April 26, 2010

Not Much To Say

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today. Big went back to work, the baby is in finals week and doesn't have time to call much, so here I sit, all by myself. I didn't realize how nice it was to have someone in the house all day long. Oh well, I will get used to it. The baby will be home next week and Big will be home at the end of the day. I will get back to some sort of routine soon.

My Mother will be coming for a visit soon. The baby has a birthday on May 23rd and my Mom has been present for most of them. We usually go on vacation at that time of the year, but all extra cash is paying for college tuition. Vacations are put on hold for another few years! I sort of miss vacations, but am happy that The Baby is able to go to a really good school - that is way more important. I always tell her she has to do well in life so she can take good care of me when I am old! Speaking of The Baby, she and her old boyfriend are back together. They dated for three years and broke up the summer before she went to college. We always figured they would get back together, but I am glad she had a year in college to learn about herself and make some good friends and do some dating. Here is a photo of my baby, I am not sure if she will be happy with me posting this one. I can't remember if she liked it or not. I think she was ready for a date with The Boyfriend!

This photo was taken in the dining room of our previous house. The house was built in 1902 and I loved it! There was so much history in it. I love old houses and look forward to being able to have another one. Maybe next move! Well, I better get going, all I have managed to do is eat a slice of cold pizza, throw some wash in the dryer, make the bed and look at blogs. Sniff, Sniff ... perhaps I should go shower!

Have a great day!

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Shevvy said...

But you aren't really alone, you have your blogfriends! Although, it is probably already the next day and big is home again!

Your baby looks lovely.

It makes me laugh about what is considered an old house over your side of the pond. Mine was build in the 1930s and I consider it very ordinary! I start thinking old from Georgian or earlier, 1810 or so!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

The Baby is gorgeous. Truly. And I kind of get the feeling she's gorgeous on the inside too- how could she not be - she is your daughter after all!

How lovely to have your Mum come to visit.

Showers are over rated Cynthia. You should have stayed in your pyjamas all day- much more therapeutic.

AnnieO said...

Lovely Baby! Is she your onliest?

Hope you found something to get settled to and whiled away the hours with a bit of sewing.

shirley said...

I agree with "Quilting in My Pyjamas"...It is therapeutic, and so free...

Your baby is a is nice to know your children are happy.

I never feel lonely since I started blogging you have lots of friends out there.

dandelion dreamer said...

Hi there! Thank you for my birthday greeting.
I guess you need a cyberhug....Your baby looks so pretty. Isn't it wonderful you have bloggy friends all over the world? I enjoyed reading your blog about undoing the machine quilting. I gave that silly game up a long while ago......just roll on some white emulsion and add a few scraps of fabric and start again!You will win in the end. M x

Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Ditto to what everyone else said. It's 12:30 here and I'm STILL in my PJs. Haha. Maybe you'll be able to get some more sewing/quilting/crocheting time in now. Cute blog and I love that video of Vegemite! I read the Quilting in my PJs blog and found you through her.


shirley said...

Hi Cynthia, Gee that was quick. You must have been watching me type...I used DMC Perle No 8 for the blackwork patterns. Am up to number 11 - 20 to go.

By the way I am not sitting here madly sewing these in the middle of the night they were my first foray into blackwork a few years ago...