Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Ray of Sunshine

I was just about ready to think today was going to suck as much as yesterday, when Big came in the door with a package for me! It was from Australia, from my bud Ms. P!!! I was so excited, I made my way to the closest pair of scissors (not quilting scissors - just in case you wondered) and opened the box. I found not only Vegemite, but TimTams, Fruchocs (apricots and peach covered with chocolate) and a recipe for Aussie Lamington (which has nothing to do with lamb). I was so happy! It was the much needed ray of sunshine in my day/week.

Not too long ago I had questioned Ms. P. on what Vegemite is. She says it is a lovely tasting, healthy spread for your bread. My other friend from Down Below, Marg, disagreed. Marg says it is gross and I should never, ever try it. Well, long story short, Ms. P. asked for my address and sent me some Vegemite (can you get the, "I come from a land down under" song out of your head yet?) Just in case, I had Big stand a few feet away from me to open the jar of Vegemite. (My stomach has been sensitive lately and I wasn't wanting to feel nauseous.) I could still smell the Vegemite from far away. I am saving my tasting of this gift for a time in the near future. My father always said we should try everything once (boy has that gotten me in trouble). My daughter (the Guinea pig) will be home in a couple of weeks and she will try it. She is like Mikey - she likes everything. She is a Veg Head, so it is possible she will love the Vegemite.

As you can see, I tried the TimTam, (somehow my stomach can tolerate sugar - go figure). It is as the package says, "The most irresistible chocolate biscuit." These and the FruChocs will be stashed away somewhere to be brought out only by me!

Ms. P. I want to say that you are really a sweetheart for sending me this wonderful package of goodies from Australia. I promise that I will say Crikey and Strewth while eating my Aussie Lamington (although I don't know what Strewth means - I will say it for you). I am constantly amazed at the good friends I have made on the web. Thank you Ms. P., Marg and everyone else for all the good wishes and thoughts and for being my friend! (Ok, now I am going to go to a corner and cry a little).
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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I was wondering whether that parcel would EVER arrive!

Go easy on the vegemite. Watch my blog for instructions on how to use it if you're a first timer.

Don't forget to do a Tim Tam Slam with those Tim Tams and Wikipedia will reveal all!

Enjoy! And I hope you've stopped crying now...I sent them to make you happy for crying out loud.

Marg said...

All I can say, is I have warned you!!! Use it SPARINGLY. However if you don't want it to go to waste, you can use it as seasoning in stocks, soups etc.
Isn't Mrs P lovely, lucky you with the Tim Tams, now they are very very very good. I have never tried or even seen Fruchocs, they must be a South Australian thing, but they sound yummy too.
Lamingtons, yum too, a true national Aussie delicacy.
Mrs P, where's the pavlova, anzac biscuits, pumpkin scones, damper and meat pie?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

The Pavlova is coming! Cream will probably be a bit manky

Linda said...

I tred Vegamite years ago, bought it at our local grocery store. Had no idea what it was or how to use it. Someone said put it on bread, i did, too much of it. Superbly gross!!!
Now, not to offend our Aussie neighbors, I apologize, and if I ever try it again, I will follow your advice.
Can't wait to hear what you think of it.
Now, the chocolate I could suffer through, i'm sure,

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

No offence taken Linda. We Aussie's are immune to vegemite criticism.

AnnieO said...

Aussie love! How great of Miss P.

Oh, glad you're getting the primer on vegemite. I personally would remain at arm's (or longer!) length away from it! When my Aussie girlfriend came to the U.S. to meet me, she brought packets of vegemite she picked up at the McDonald's in the airport. I guess that explains how much it is used Downunder!