Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creature of Habit

I am most definitely a creature of habit!  Monday is my vacuuming and mopping day.  These projects are morning projects.

This Monday, Big took the day off to have a quick visit with her ortho.  doctor and get her arm brace off.  After the visit, we did a bit of shopping , had a late lunch and came home.  By the time we got home, it was afternoon and it was, in my opinion, too late to vacuum and mop.  I thought I would take care of it on Tuesday. 

I have not vacuumed yet!  My whole week has been thrown off!  I kept thinking Tuesday was Monday (should have vacuumed then).  I thought today was Thursday!  My world is falling apart!

Big and I decided to take a trip out to the farm our veggies would come from if we decided to join the Community Supported Agriculture.  I was so pleased.

The farm is clean and the folks are friendly.  There seems to always be a lot of activity there!  I am so excited to be a part of this.

Our share today consisted of 2 lbs. asparagus, 4 lbs strawberries, 2 bunches of onion, 2 bunches of swiss chard and 1 dozen brown eggs.

I have never cooked, or for that matter eaten, swiss chard.  I looked up a few recipes and hope for the best.

Well, I am off to make a strawberry pie for desert!  Tomorrow, strawberry scones!

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Shay said...

Just want to say today IS Thursday in my part of the world.

I'd love to be a part of a community garden/farm project like that. Sometimes I do buy my fruit and vegies from the Farmers Market. (but I'm too lazy and it's too cold to go in autumn )

AMW said...

We did a CSA the last two years (not doing it this year for some reason), and thoroughly enjoyed it. We regularly got things we had never heard of or eaten, and tried them with varied success. Can't wait to hear more from yours. And what a haul for the first one! Looks LOVELY!

(Oh yeah - mopping and vacuuming are overrated.... don't worry about missing them this week!) ;)

AnnieO said...

I have heard of this thing called vacuuming and mopping but have never tried it myself. How is it?

Just kidding, but I never do it on a schedule!

The veggies look yummy. I've never tried Swiss chard either.

quiltfool said...

This is going to make me sound incredibly old, but back in the day, we ate what was in vast quantities. Like your 4# of strawberries. But, you'll enjoy it. Lane

Marg said...

I never schedule my housework either, I do it when I remember/want to. Probably not often enough, lol.
That looks like a fabulous haul from the co op, not a fan of swiss chard, but the asparagus and strawberries, yummy.