Friday, April 27, 2012

A little of this and a little of that

Well, here it is Friday already.  As the saying goes, "Time flies when you are having fun!"  The older I get, I find it flies even if you are not having fun!

I woke up this morning with no particular goal in mind.  I love those days and hate those days.  I did some picking up and got some things ready for the mail.

I turned my attention to the sun porch.  It has been somewhat neglected.  I love it out there, especially in the morning.  I enjoy a good cup of coffee and the morning paper there.

I have been purchasing some plants for the sun room.  I love geraniums and was lucky enough to find  a couple hanging geraniums at the farmers market.

I found the Boston Fern at Walmart for less than $5.00!  It was half dead, so it was on sale.

I decided it was time I got these Christmas items off the porch and in the basement where they belong!

 I purchased this old baby crib from an local antique store (the store has since burned down). My plan is to find a mattress or some foam to go on top of the springs. I then want to cover it with an old quilt and fill it full of pillows. Not sure if anyone would want to sit there or not, but I think it looks good.

I will be purchasing more plants with the hopes of making this room have a greenhouse feel.  I also want to recover the chair cushions.  All in due time.

Well, I am off for now.  Big and I are hoping to go to the Asparagus Festival this weekend!  Love me some asparagus!  If the weather is nice, you will find us at the farmers market again!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Shevvy said...

I know what you mean with days with no plan - I seem to totally waste them and feel like I've achieved nothing by the end of the day.

Piece by Piece said...

I can relate to the flying time. Went to a quilt show today, such beautiful work. I will never have time to finish all of the projects that are now on my "to do" list.
Geraniums are one of my favourites too.
Had asparagus for my dinner tonight.

AMW said...

Lovely porch. Very welcoming... I dig the crib! you could always drape the quilt(s) on the rails and fill the bed with plants, too... Real artsy...

Cameron said...

I adore scented geraniums...choc mint, rose and pineapple are among my favorites. They love sun and are so hard to kill....2 good qualities for me....haha!

I think the crib couch will look adorable when you get it done and might just end up being the most comfortable place to sit and enjoy the room :)

Marg said...

Your porch looks lovely, it looks like you are definitely making it your home. The crib will look fabulous, great find.