Friday, May 11, 2012

Great Day - Great Dinner

We got up early this morning with every intention of going to the Baltimore Aquarium.  When we got close to the freeway, we realized the ride home would take us about 5 hours!  Friday traffic!

Since we were clean and dressed, we decided to find something to do.  I had read in the local newspaper that there was going to be a Renaissance Festival about 30 minutes outside of town.  The paper said it started today.  We drove there with anticipation.  The festival starts tomorrow.

On out way to the festival we passed a winery.  Hey, I thought, I am up for a tour of a winery!  It opened at 11:00 a.m.  It was only 9:30.

We ended up going to Lake Anna State Park. It was a lovely park with a small beach and some nice campgrounds. We walked a couple paths and then ate our chicken salad sandwiches while gazing at the lake. Turned out to be a good day after all.

Since joining the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), I have been more interested in cooking and baking.  I have been pulling out my cookbooks and scouring cooking sites.

Big has agreed to be my guinea pig and try everything I make!  Tonight we had Peppered Bacon, Cheddar Cheese and Pear Pannini!  Oh My Goodness, were they ever good!  If you think you would like to try them, let me know and I will send or post the recipe!

Big insisted on Tater Tots!  I tried to get a photo prior to her grabbing the sandwich!

Have you ever baked bacon?  This was my first try and it was great!

Tomorrow, I will sew!

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AMW said...

At least you made the best of the day. I'll say that the Baltimore Aquarium is GREAT fun. We have friends that used to volunteer there and scuba dive in the tanks to feed the fish and rays. And your new area has some FANTASTIC wineries. Hope you get to visit some soon. But I LOVE, LOVE LOVE being outside and especially at a park. Haven't been to Lake Anna SP in many years. Sounds like it was lovely.

Your CSA sounds lovely! Can't wait to hear what else you come up with.

Cameron said...

Sometimes those days where your plans change as quickly as the wind....turn out to be the best!

I bake my's the only way...cuts down on grease splatter all over my stove, I can make a package all at once....and tastes just as yummy!

Shay said...

Its like the fates were against you with finding something to do. I'm glad you did (eventually!)

I's never baked bacon but it sounds like a great way to feed a hungry hoard. Takes forever to do it all in the frypan.

Sounds like you have willing helper in the taste testing department!