Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm a Slacker!

Well, I am not really a slacker. I have been busy with work and a few other things. I have also had some health issues. I have been experiencing some severe joint pain and have not been wanting to get on the computer. I have an appointment with a Doctor this Thursday and hope to find out what is going on then.

In the mean time, here is a little something for you all.

Aren't they cute? I just fell in love with them.

The Baby was home for the weekend and I was able to get a photo of her in her new sweater. She was not prepared for the photo and was disappointed that she had a long shirt under the sweater. She also wanted a skinny belt to go with it.

I think my February Frugalness went to hell in a hand basket. I didn't make a menu last week and found myself running to the store more than I would have liked. I will post a menu tomorrow and will let everyone know where I am at in regards to my budget.

I spent a good bundle of cash at Joann Fabrics over the weekend. They were having a sale on their clearance fabrics. Most of the fabrics are for clothing. I will post about them tomorrow!

Well, I am off to finish up my Patrica Cornwell book and to get some Hexagons sewn. Hope you had a good weekend!

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Cameron said...

Oh my gosh cute little animals!!

...I think that sweater looks great on her....even with the long shirt :)

Shay said...

Does The Baby get more gorgeous every time I see her? Does she spend a lot of time beating off boys with a stick?I think she looks sweet in the cardy.

Good luck at the Docs on Thursday .

I am sure my grocery shop this week will not be anywhere near as spectacularly low as previous weeks!

quiltfool said...

Cute pics and the baby looks great in that sweater. Love her haircut. Take care. Lane

AnnieO said...

Baby animals are always irresistable! And your Baby looks good in her new sweater and haircut :)

Hope you find out what's causing the joint pain, that shtinks.

I just bought some patterns for clothing, having not made a piece of clothing in about 2-3 years!