Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frugal February

I had a lovely and expensive trip to the Dentist today and am in a little pain because of it. I decided to take a pain pill, which is something I usually don't do. This post will be short and sweet. I am sure the pill will begin to hit me pretty soon and I will be more incoherent than normal!

I went to the grocery store today and managed to spend about $52.00. The groceries bought today will last till the 28th of February. My total for the month of Feb. so far is at about $280.00. If I can stay away from the stores, I will beat my goal of $300.00 for the month! I thought I had gone way over budget, so I was happily surprised!

Here is this weeks menu:

Monday - Pasta with homemade spaghetti sauce

Tuesday - Big had eggs and sausage and I had malt-o-meal. We were supposed to have fish, but because of my dentist visit, I needed soft food.

Wednesday - Vegetables with couscous

Thursday - Southwestern Cod and leeks

Friday - Patty Melts, homemade fries

Saturday - Whatever we can dig up (I left my menu in the car and it is snowing, so I don't want to get it.)

Sunday - Beef Tacos (these will be more like fajitas - not ground beef)

I know this doesn't sound too exciting. As I said earlier, I left the menu in the car and I don't want to go and get it! Most of the recipes are new, so I am excited! I will post about the meals as the week goes on.

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Shay said...

What is malt-o-meal?

Great total for the month Cynthia. I am about to go nuts on this weeks shopping. Let us know if any of the recipes prove to be outstanding, so we can make them too!

Sorry about the dentist bill!

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

$300 for a month! That would only last about a week here with my family..lol.
Sorry your mouth is still hurting I hope it heals soon for you. Hope we can get together soon, Miss you!

Cameron said...

So, you're not doing so bad afterall.....except for the teeth....sorry :(