Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Frugal is the new "F" word

In my house, Frugal is the new "F" word! I decided to follow Mrs. P's decision to be more frugal in the month of February. It is not working so well!

All of us have craved sugar or chips or something non-diet as soon as we say we want to loose weight. Some of us have even found a new love as soon as we decide we are ok on our own. Well, apparently as soon as I said I wanted to be more frugal, things started to go wrong.

Here is a conversation that happened Monday of this week:

Me, "Hey Big, do you need anything from the store?"

Big, "Yeah, I need some shampoo and conditioner."

Me, "Can't you use any of the shampoo and conditioner I have already?"

Big, "No. I need ------ brand. I don't like what we already have."

Me, "But I am trying to be Frugal. You remember that I joined Mrs. P in being frugal. I really want to save some money and she is offering a prize and I would like to be the winner!"

Big, "You know Mrs. P will probably just send you Vegemite! She loves that stuff and thinks you should too!"

Me, "No, Mrs. P promised it wouldn't be Vegemite. Come on, play along with me."

Big, "Hey, you recently spent $50.00 of fabric and $100.00 on thread. In comparison, my shampoo and conditioner is cheap. "

I decided to end the conversation at that point because she was right. (I don't know about you guys, but I don't let her know she is right that often.) I'm just going to tell her there wasn't any ------ shampoo to be found and she will have to use what we already have.

I then decided to go to bed and snuggle up with my book. As I began to read, the side of my face started to pound. It got progressively worse as the night wore on. I didn't sleep much that night.

Tuesday morning, I called in to work and said I wouldn't be at work. I then took myself to the dentist.

After a $167.00 probing from the Dental Hygienist, I was told I have an abscessed tooth and for a mere $1,998.00, I can get a root canal and a cap! The best part of the visit was getting a prescription for Loritab!

The Baby called last night and told me she needed $45.00 to join the honorary organization she was invited to, $200.00 for the application fee for her trip to Argentina and Peru and I think there were some other dollar amounts thrown around, but by that time the pain meds had kicked in and I just can't remember.

Can you understand why I think Frugal is the new "F" word? I am still going to follow along with Mrs. P and try to save some money. I am just not going to call it being Frugal anymore. That word has now been deleted from my vocabulary!!

I hope you all have had a good couple of days. I will post the Thanksgiving Dinner in a Dish photos tomorrow - I need to go get a pain pill!

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Lisa B Carter Designs said...

Honey, I am so sorry to hear about your tooth. Have you thought about going to the dental school? You might be able to get it done alot cheaper, just a thought. I know a girl who got some work there.
Love you!!

Marg said...

Sorry to hear about your tooth, hope it doesn't cost you that much to fix.
I wouldn't trust Mrs P. I'm surprised she hasn't sent me any!
I suppose if you have to pay out all that money, going along with Frugal Feb for the groceries is not a bad idea.

Shay said...

I'm going to confess I sent Mr.P down to the shops tonight to get me a bag of salt and vinegar chips-Ive denied myself for over a week.

I cant believe Big is accusing me of being a vegemite pusher...I said I'd send you Tim Tams...jeez. Im going to send her Pickled Lizards or something else gross we have here. I bet she wont complain about the vegemite then. I think you're doing fabulously with F.... February.

I empathise with the dentist issues. I have my final hygienist appointment tomorrow. Thus far I have had no other work done and Ive already spent close to 400 bucks and have about 5000.00 worth to go. That will include surgical removal of a wisdom tooth and at least one crown. Sucks to have teeth issues.

AnnieO said...

Wow, the $ hit the fan and blew frugal right off the table like dust! Well, the only thing really related to Mrs. P's challenge is the shampoo and conditioner since it's a shopping item, so I say you are still in the game :) Hope your tooth gets fixed fast!