Monday, February 28, 2011

Frugal February Results

Well, it is time to let everyone know what my final grocery tally for Mrs. P's Frugal February is. Drum roll please....$331.65. I am really happy with that amount. I usually allow a budget of $400.00 per month, so in that regard, I did well. I tried to stay at $300.00 or less for Mrs. P's challenge. I didn't quite make that goal.

I learned a few things from this challenge. One of the things I learned is to make a weekly menu instead of a two-week menu. I found when I tried to shop for two weeks, I wouldn't buy bread items or fresh fruit or vegetables for the second week. This meant I would end up in the grocery store again and that would spell disaster! So I am going to continue with my once a week menu planning and shopping.

I also noticed, after scouring my bank account, that I only earned $.02 in interest over the month! That kind of pisses me off.

So anyway, here is the menu for this week.

Monday - Pasta Primavera

Tuesday - Szechuan Shrimp

Wednesday - Mac & Cheese, green beans

Thursday - Grilled Salmon, couscous and a vegetable

Friday - Stromboli

Saturday - Pigs in a Blanket

Sunday - Pork Schnitzel, Creamy Corn

I am hoping Mrs. P will make this a regular feature of her wonderful blog. I have enjoyed the challenge. Mrs. P, do your linky thing so we can all see what everyone else did!

Hope you all have a great day - I played hookie from work and am cleaning house!! Then off to sew!

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Shay said...

Way to go Cynthia. That's a 25 % saving and 100 bucks to spend on whatever you like!

I've tried to shop for two weeks as well and I just cant manage it. I have to top up on fruit and vegies at some point, and yes it always spells disaster to have to go to the shops !

Love the grilled salmon dinner. I'll be coming over that day - set an extra place.

Thanks for playing along with this challenge . It's helped to keep me motivated!

Marg said...

As Shay said that's still a 25% saving, (glad Shay worked that out as it saves me doing the math).
This weeks menu looks pretty good, I'll be there for the Grilled Salmon too and the Szechuan Shrimp.

Linda said...

Good going, Cynthia,
And the menu is appealing too. I've done menus, but not lately, and have shopped for 2 weeks, again, not lately. I do shop just once a week. I learned that when I had my first job as a cashier. People were always saying they'd come in for one thing, and go out with a cart full.
BTW, I love chicken and dumplings!!