Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boy, have I missed you guys

I have been gone way too long. I will tell you what I have been up to, but first I have to get something off my chest.

I Hate Work!! There, I said it. I Hate Work. I don't hate my job necessarily, I just hate having to get up in the morning, leave the house, work for someone else and then come home too tired to do much of anything else. My house is dirty, no craftiness is happening and I am pretty crabby most of the time.

Big is eating a lot of this, I just don't want to cook!

Is that Christmas paper behind your den chair you ask? Why yes it is, I really don't care to carry it up the stairs and put it away.

My bed is unmade and I really don't give a shit! I do have the covers pulled up, I think that may count for something. In case you wonder, the snowman pillowcase is mine, the Olivia the Pig pillowcase belongs to Big!!

I hate, Hate, HATE, driving in this weather! It scares me more than almost anything! It seems as if the snow and ice will never stop. I slide down the driveway in the morning and hope that the ice will melt by the time I get home so I can make it up the driveway.

I know many of you work and most of you work longer hours than I do. I don't know how you do it. I think I have been away from working outside the home for too long. I took this job to pay off bills and get myself out of the house and now I wonder if it is worth it.

On a happier note, here is a photo of the Baby. Shortly before she went back to school she decided to cut her hair. That evening I colored it for her. I think she looks really cute! What do you think?

Well, I am off to get some sewing done. I started a "Quilt for Kids" quilt and am hoping to get it half finished by the end of the day. Wish me luck!

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Piece by Piece said...

I hope you feel a lot better after getting all of that off your chest.
The diognose for your condition I believe is called "Workers Winter Blues". Suggest -- on a weekend cook several meals for the coming week and freeze. Each morning take out a meal ready for re-heating when you come home from work. Now the housework and crafting, in the evening (while Big is cleaning up the kitchen) go to one room or a portion thereof and tidy it up and run a dust cloth over the tops of furniture. When that has been done reward yourself with at least a half hour with a craft. Once all of the tidy work has been done you can tackle the major stuff a room at a time.
It is going to take a couple of weeks to get yourself organzied but you will feel so much better in the long run. Before you know it it will be Spring.
Baby's hair looks great.

AnnieO said...

Missed you too! Glad to see you're back, even if it is as a crab. Hopefully as the days get longer you'll feel a bit better. I know I'm not feeling like cooking these days!! I work two jobs but only one of them is out of the house, but I stay there until 6:00 pm most nights so it is dark when I get home. Not inspiring any energy at all when I get home. Thank god for Bertolli frozen skillet meals!

Take care of yourself, get some extra Vit D in you.

The Baby looks adorable--love the short do.

Marg said...

Good to see you are back, we've missed you.
looks like Piece by Piece has some good ideas there to get you through. Hope you are feeling a bit better this week.
Baby's hair looks fabulous, and so does she!

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

I feel your pain sister!! But I know you and you will get back in the swing of working again soon. Remember if you need to hire a house cleaner to help out I know a REALLY GOOD one (hint hint). Hope you got most of that quilt done.

Cameron said...

Missed you, too!

Since we've moved, I haven't been that! But, having no spending money....not so much :)

My Hubby expects me to get a job when our daughter starts Kindergarten....I have til the Fall. Not looking forward to the whole application, interview, new responsibilities crud...
...I cook more now than I ever have and am keeping this place tidy...but when I go back to work, you better believe those will be falling to the wayside!

Keep your spirits up! We're here for all your venting needs :D

quiltfool said...

Hang in there. Spring will come. Like you, a lot is still waiting to get finished, even stuff from cmas. It ain't going anywhere, so no need to fret over it.

Can't believe we have the same barrelback chair and the same sofa. Baby's hair looks terrif and so classy with that outfit. Lane

Shay said...

I missed you too! I almost wet my pants when I saw this post.

Dirty house, lack of craftiness and crabbiness- Wow-your house sounds like my house. Welcome back to the working world!

I love the pillowcases, and darn straight pulling up the covers is as good as making the bed. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

Love The Baby's hair. What a difference.

Dont ever leave us like that again ....

Dianne said...

Hi Cynthia, Nice to see you back posting. When I was working full time it was frustrating not finding time to craft/sew. Every weekend seemed to be filled with house work. We got a house keeper just one morning a fortnight to do the floors and bathrooms. This was such a big help. Then I set aside Sunday afternoon for sewing. If this didn't happen, I didn't fret. I was still doing a bit of hand crafting in front of TV each night. Meals were kept simple. Remember, dust is God's protection for furniture. Dianne.