Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nice weekend

Big and I went to Morgantown yesterday so she could get her hair cut. For those of you who are not familiar with West Virginia, that means we drove almost two hours so she could get a hair cut! Are we crazy? Yes!

One of my favorite things about our trip to Morgantown is our visit to TJ Maxx. Yesterday we were lucky enough to hit a big sale. We walked away with 5 pairs of slacks for $26.00. Yes, $26.00 for all 5 pair, not just one pair! I bought myself a new red purse and am excited about getting to use it. I am not sure if I should start now or wait till the weather is nicer. Not sure why I think I have to have nice weather to use a new purse, it just seems logical!

Early this morning the baby left with two fellow students and one professor to drive to Annapolis, MD. Her college was chosen to attend the Naval Academy Leadership Conference. She was one of three students from her school chosen to attend. She is very proud (so am I) to have been asked. She is so excited! A couple of the other schools invited were Duke, SMU, MIT, and Yale.

Everyone was to to attend a big dinner tonight and then they were off to see the town with some Naval Acadamy escorts! She keeps telling me how cute the Acadamy boys are!

I am a bit nervous - we are supposed to get a BIG storm beginning on Monday night. It will reach the Annapolis area on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday. I worry about her trip home and the saftey of all of them. Please keep them in your thoughts this Wednesday. I would really appreicate it.

Today we shoveld the last bit of snow and ice from the driveway. We will only be seeing black top for a couple of days - then more snow and ice!

Hope you all had a great weekend. I look forward to seeing what you have been up to.

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Shay said...

It was worth driving 2 hours to get a haircut and 5 pairs of pants for that price!

You must be so proud of the baby. I'll keep her in my thoughts Wednesday though.

Cameron said...

I wish her a safe return...and send my congrats, as well....

Ah, TJ 'em....and Marshalls and Ross....oh, and a good thrift store....

Now I'm in the mood to go shopping!

Take care, Cyn....and stay warm and dry :)

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

You mean to tell me you drove through Bridgeport and did not even stop by?!? How rude!!!! I guess I know who loves just pulling your chain. Hope the baby has a safe trip and I have to agree the Navy boys are VERY CUTE!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Cynthia!... A new red pocketbook, you say??.. Sounds nice! I'd say wear it, use it, and enjoy it! No time like the present! ~tina

Marg said...

I agree with Shay, picking up those pants for that price made the trip worthwhile.
You must be so proud of the baby, that's great, I hope she stays safe.
I had a chuckle at you not using your new purse until the weather improves.