Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quilt for Kids

I finished the top for the Quilt for Kids quilt. I really like the way it turned out. The instructions say to make sure the quilting is tight and there is no possibility of IV's getting hung up. The quilts will go through a lot of washing also. I am thinking I want to use a bright variegated thread. What do you think.

I hope to have it finished by the middle or end of next week. I don't think I have any matching thread, so I will have to go shopping!!

I am working on a little Valentines present for The Baby. I will show it when I get it finished. What do all of you do for Valentine's Day?

Big and I have never made it that big of a deal. With her every day is Valentine's Day! (Ok, the wine I had in my mouth just blew out my nose!)

Sorry, I just had to show you one more snow photo! I actually think this one if pretty!

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Shay said...

Love the quilt and I always love working in variegated thread. I say go for it.

We do nothing for V Day. I think it's not as big a deal here as it is over there. I might cook a nice meal but thats about it. No romance going on here I can assure you.

Although if I had some wine,who knows what might happen.

AMW said...

I did a "quilt for kids" last year, and enjoyed it. Your kit is much cooler than mine was! And I definitely agree with the variegated thread. I love it too.

I don't make a big deal about V-day because my birthday is less than a week later. I'd rather celebrate my birthday, even though it means getting older...

Can't wait to see what you made for The Baby!

Linda said...

The snow pic is beautiful. I really miss seeing that for real. Maybe with our DD in Mystic, I'll get to experience that again.
I use all sorts of thread to do machine quilting. Depends on of I want it to show up or disappear. Are you familiar with the King Tut line? I like it because the color changes every inch, so there's not one long stitching of a color.
We've never made a big deal out of Valentines either, once in a while we have. Any excuse to eat chocolate works for me

quiltfool said...

Great progress! I hope it thawed out enough for you to get to go shopping. Stay warm...from what I hear, it's going to be another cold week. Lane