Monday, April 23, 2012

Death and Friendship

I found out this morning that a childhood friend passed a week ago. His father passed a mere four weeks before.

I can not imagine the pain and sadness his mother must be dealing with right now. She is all alone.

My friend's name was Richard. We met each other when my mother, brother and I lived in England for a year. My father was stationed in Korea with the Army and we were not allowed to go with him. My Mother decided it would be better for us to live with my Aunt, my Uncle and my Cousin for the year.

Richard was the only son of my Aunt's best friend. He was special. In the 60's no one was politically correct and he was labeled "retarded." No one wanted to be his friend but me.

We hung out at school and often after school. We would go to the beach and to the arcades. I remember sitting at the movie theatre and getting spit balls in our hair. This was courtesy of the mean kids.

Richard had a hard time all of his life. He was abused and used. No one was ever his friend.

I am so sad. I am sorry he is gone, but I am more sorry that he had such a hard life. I didn't keep in touch with him when we left. I was young, not even 10.

Death has a way of making you think about life. It makes you think about what is important. Of course, family tops the list of important things in life, but friendship is second. I realise I have not been the best friend ever. So I am reaching out to friends I have lost contact with. This blog is my way of reaching out to all of you. Sorry for putting you second, sorry for not checking your blogs to see if all was well .  I will work on being a better blogger, a better friend.  Thank you for being my friend!

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Cameron said...

That is sad news...I'm sorry for your loss and the sadness surrounding this news :(

Yes, Blogging is are the people you meet here, but remember that living in the moment...with people you can touch and hold and go for coffee with and cry far more real and true than the clicking of a keyboard. I think we all understand that Life comes first :)

Marg said...

Sorry to hear of your loss.
It's sometimes difficult to keep constantly in contact with everyone, but life is so busy these days and I think everyone is the same. It is nice to be able to pick up where you left off, even if it's months/years later.

Shevvy said...

Its a very sad story about your friend and his family. Try and think about what a difference your friendship probably made to him for that year rather than regretting loosing touch.

Shay said...

Sadly this is the experience of many people with a disability.

I know this sounds trite Cynthia but take it from someone who knows, that you made a difference to him even if only for a short while. I wish more people would realise the contribution all people can make to our lives.

RIP Richard.