Monday, November 1, 2010

I survied!

I survived Big being on vacation! Yeah, cheers to me! I love it when she is home, but it totally throws my schedule off. When home alone, I wake up and have a couple cups of coffee and blog. Well, when Big is home, she wants to sit with me so we can "chat" and that means no blogging. Mind you, I enjoy "chatting" with her, but don't necessarily like being off my schedule. I think it does something to my moods. By the end of the week, Big kept saying, "Don't you need to blog? Shouldn't you be on the computer?" I guess my moodiness was noticeable.

On Thursday, Big and I did some shopping and went to see the movie "Red." It was full of action and was pretty funny at the same time. I love Bruce Willis. (Perhaps you can remember I gave him two massages! It is my claim to fame!!) If you are a person who enjoys going to the movies, this would be a good one! We prefer Netflix and the comfort of our home, but sometimes it is fun to go out on a "date."

On Friday, I met up with my friend Lisa and we did some sewing/quilting. I am working on a scrap quilt for an old family friend. I have the squares finished and will post them tomorrow. Put on your thinking caps, because I have some questions about the quilting of it.

You know the saying, "I just had a blond moment"? (hmmm..not sure about the punctuation there) I realized that I have a lot of blond moments lately. The problem is that I have more grey hair than blond hair. I think I will begin to say, "I just had a grey moment." I think I have enough grey to qualify. What do you think?

Hope you are all doing well and had a nice weekend. I am making a promise to myself to get back to regular blogging. Tomorrow, I will share photos of the quilt blocks and of some very special gifts from some very special friends.

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Elizabeth said...

Can't wait to see your scrappy quilt.

And you've met Bruce Willis in person? And massaged him? How cool it that!

xo -El

Marg said...

So pleased to see you survived your week, and looking forward to you blogging again.

Grey hairs? Where?

Look forward to seeing Red, it looks like a great movie, and there are some seriously good actors in it.

AnnieO said...

Yay to surviving :) The hair photo--I have a professional who takes care of that for me!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

My hair looks like that at the moment. I dont think I care anymore.

So glad to hear Big survived her week off. It does throw your week off when things are caterwumpus though doesnt it. With Mr P currently home ALL the time, I'm seriously peeved. I never get three bloody minutes to myself. I hope his next job takes him away...

I'm seeing Red tomorrow night with SAJ.

Cant wait to see your scrap quilt. Bet it's fabulous.

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Cynthia! Oh, I've been wanting to see the movie "Red"!! I'm just waiting for it to come to the cheaper neighborhood theater!!! (0; I'm absolutely on the edge of my seat waiting for the new Harry Potter movie too!.. I'm such a kid!! I'll pay full price to see THAT one! Hope you had a Happy Halloween weekend!! (Loved how the quilted Halloween potholder looked in my kitchen this year!!!.. so thanks again!) ~tina

Shevvy said...

Glad you're back to your regular scheduling. We missed you.