Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I have been very busy lately and kept telling myself I would post later and later never came!

For the past week or so, when I have gone to get the mail, I have had the pleasure of finding a little extra somethin, somethin in the mail box.

The first was a gift from Marg at Sunshine, Paradise. She felt sorry for me when she heard that we were having a cold snap. Marg had made Mrs. P a hot water bottle cover and I said how much I liked it. She took that as a hint and made a wonderful blue one for me. Guess what? The name of the yarn is Cynthia! Marg said she thought it was meant to be! She also sent some Tim Tams (which I love) and a new treat - Cadburys Koala Bears. Yumm....chocolate and Carmel. Thanks again Marg, the hot water bottle cover has come in very handy!

A few days later, my new friend Carin mailed a wonderful Dutch windmill pincushion and licorice to me. I had seen a post she had written where she stated she had never tried candy corn. I couldn't believe she had never tried it. I got her address, hurried to the store to get some candy corn and mailed it to her. She and her family loved them and as a thank you gift I received the pincushion and the licorice. I love them both. The licorice remind me of my German Grandmother. She used to mail little black licorice cats to me at Christmas time.

When I went to the mailbox today, I received a package from my friend Shirley at Shirley's Twisted Threads. She had a little giveaway and I was the winner! Just look at the beautiful things she sent. I "met" Shirley at Stitching Fingers. She had posted some of the most beautiful handwork I had ever seen. I was introduced to Blackwork because of her. She is going through some hard times right now and my heart goes out to her.

I hope that you will visit these wonderful women and perhaps you will become their friends also. Their work is beautiful and so is their friendship.

Hope you are all well.

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Awwwwwwwww so nice you're being showered with gifts.

Just the thing to make your day!

They're all really gorgeous too.Lucky you!

Beansieleigh said...

It seems going to the mailbox has been a holiday in itself, Cynthia!!! What beautiful things you've received, and what a blessing to have such wonderful friends! ~tina

Carin said...

Ohhh you got some very nice things in the mail !!!!