Friday, June 4, 2010

Sick Baby

The Baby is sick, I mean really sick. She came home from camping with The Boyfriend yesterday afternoon and complained of body aches and being tired. She chalked it up to sleeping on the ground (they couldn't find the air mattress). Later that night she started running a fever. Gave her some meds. and sent her to bed. True to form, by 5 a.m. (when Big checked on her) she had a temperature of 101. More meds. and when the Doctors office opened, we took the earliest appointment. Turns out she has strep. She was given an antibiotic and she is now in bed. I just can't seem to keep her fever down. At one time she was 104.3! I wiped her down with a cool rag and got the fever down some. It is now at 102.3. I know that when Big comes home she will make her get in a tepid bath if the temperature is not down. I can be a strict mom, but when my baby cries, I have a hard time following through with some things. The Baby has always gone from a normal fever to a very high one and it always worries me. I am keeping a very close watch on her. I may or may not post over the next couple of days. I won't walk far away from her until her temperature is close to normal and she is feeling better.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I have a secret to tell you all about in my next blog! I will tell you this much - I am a bad, bad girl!

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Marg said...

Oh no, I hope Baby feels better soon, and her temp comes down quickly.

You have been a bad girl? You will need to post soon, you can't leave us hanging for too long. Anything to do with your previous post and slapping? Would look forward to hearing about that!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Here's hoping Baby recovers quickly once those antibiotics kick in. I know you're worrying about her- that's what Mum's do.

Oh you've been bad? I can't wait to hear what skullduggery and mischief you've been up to...