Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quilt Guild Meeting, etc.

I went to the Guild meeting last night and was pleasantly surprised, a couple ladies spoke to me. One lady actually complimented my cookies!! I took a top that I had made about a year ago for "Show and Tell." It is one of my favorites. It was my first Stack and Whack. I got a few OOOhhhs and AHHHs, so I was happy. Perhaps they are not such bitches after all. (Well, some of them are!!)

I tried to take photos, but they did not come out well. I will post a few. The ladies that attended from the Elkins Quilt Guild were very nice and I am tinkering with the idea of joining their group. They are very involved with a lot of charity work and seem to be so friendly. Hmmm...I will have to ponder that.

Today I will be cleaning house, making blueberry jam and hopefully get in my sewing room for some quilting. We'll see how that goes.

This is my stack and whack - the main material is an oriental print with cups and tea pots. It reminds me of The Baby and our Tea Time Thursdays.

The lady who made this quilt did it while on a car trip to see her family. She hand pieced each of the 9 patch blocks. When she got to the various houses of her family, they would help piece some of the blocks. She said the 9 patches represent the 5 girls and 4 boys in her family. The girls are the "bright" materials and the boys are the background material. I thought that was funny!

This is a quilt that was made for the son of the quilter. He was in the Navy and had been to Australia and loved it there. She found material that represented Australia and this is what she came up with. I wish the photo was better - the quilt was stunning. The back was as wonderful as the front.

Hope you all have a wonderful day - mine will be busy, but good.

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oldbatt said...

Cynthia, I about fell off my chair laughing when you described how someone talked to you at the guild meeting (and how they may not be bitches after all)! I joined a guild years ago and tried and tried to be involved but they already had their cliques formed and I was not part of them. I finally quit that guild and just try and sew with my friends and family. Good luck with that group. Best, Lisa

Marg said...

Hey Cynthia, I don't see any pics of Vegemite in that last quilt!!!!
I am glad that some of the guild women were nice to you. Maybe you could try the other guild.
I absolutely love your stack and whack quilt, it's beautiful.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Oh, I'm glad I went ahead and read this so I could see that some ladies visited with you and even gave you complements. I remember when I went to some local garden club meetings, people tended to visit with those they knew, and not many talked to me. I quit going, but every once in awhile, I got calls asking me to bring cookies to the meeting. They finally figured out I'm not a member anymore.

AnnieO said...

Very encouraging! Maybe there is hope for the guild meetings yet. There are obviously some talented stitchers there. The quilts are lovely, including yours!

When are we going to hear about your being bad?

Dianne said...

Hello Cynthia, This is my first visit to you (came from Shirley's twisted threads. It is difficult sometimes to 'break in' at these guild meetings. It took me a long time to be comfortable in our quilt club, but now I wouldn't miss it and have made some wonderful friends. I love your stack and whack very much, beautiful colours. Cheers Dianne

Needled Mom said...

Some guilds are like that. Isn't it a shame? Hope that you find a good one that is a fit for you. Your S&W is just lovely.