Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Have A Dream

I would like to start this posting off by saying a big thank you to everyone who chimed in and supported me during my rant.  I really needed to say some of those things and get them off my chest. 

I would like to report that, although the bugs are not better, the food has gotten better (after a phone call and a threat to go to the paper) for my little Veg Head.  She reports that tofu was on the menu! 

I would also like to thank Dr. Martin Luther King, for his, "I have a dream," statement.  It is one I am using today.

My dream for today is to get my craft room/studio in shape!  You remember this don't you?

My current Pepto Bismol mess!

I really would like to turn it in to something like this.

Photo Source:  Olabelhe

Photo source:  Olabelhe

Photo Source: Olabelhe

Honestly, is that not one of the most beautiful studios you ever did see?

Big's mother is supposed to visit us for a week or so (need lots of wine, will accept donations).  I have decided that, in my spare time (haha), I will whip up a studio that will look much like this one. 

Do you think I can do it?  I hope so. 

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quiltfool said...

Hmmm. If my sewing room looked like that, I'd have to keep it clean. If I had to keep it clean, I'd never get to sew. If I never got to sew, I wouldn't need a sewing room. It is lovely. But, I'd never be able to keep it that way for more than an hour or two. I was planning a vegan care package for the baby. Glad the school stepped up. It's too hot to ship tofu and fresh limas through the u.s. mail. Lane

Cherie said...

Wow that looks more like a fabric shop than a studio! I could never imagine having that much fabric! Good luck with revamping your studio! =D

Shay said...

I would think I;d died and gone to heaven if my studio looked like that. I bet you can do something equally lovely!

Glad the school came to the party and decided to at least provide food for the Baby!

Linda said...

Are you serious?? I'd love to death to have a studio like that!! Oh, I keep trying to make mine feel more open than it does, but I have no idea what else I could do. Except get rid of stuff. Just kidding!!
If you manage this, I can't wait to see pictures, and a detailed account of what you do! The " pepto bismol" room looks like it's really large, that's a great place to start.
Glad things are better for Baby.

P. said...

If my sewing space looked anything like your Pepto Bismol "mess," I would be happy as a clam! Seriously, I thought the "before" was already the "after" photo.

I am with Lane; though I love the ultra organized look of your dream model, and I support your dream (go for it, girl!), I think I would be too intimated to sew. But maybe I just think that because I've never had such level of pretty and organization in the same space. Heck, maybe I would sew more, I dunno.

Treehugger_31 said...

Good luck! I have a spare room that has turned into a junk room over the years. I really want to clean it out and make it into a craft room. I just lack the ambition! Lol.

Cameron said...

That is a lofty organized....but, yes, inspiring and oh-so-pretty!! I hope you can get it that way....and then create like the wind!

Best wishes on the MIL visit....heehee ;P

Cindy said...

Yes, I could be very happy in that studio. So much color. Love it.