Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quick post, no photos

This was one of those days that wasn't bad and it wasn't good either.

It is still freaking cold and rainy. It should be in the 70's but it is in the 40's and 50's.

Big and I were supposed to go to a quilt Shop Hop this Friday and Saturday. Big planned on taking Friday off and we were going to visit 16 quilt shops in 3 states. We were to start in West Virginia and then go on to Ohio. We were going to spend the night in Ohio. On to Kentucky on Saturday and then make our way home. Can you believe some inmates decided this week was the right time to have a gang war! Can you believe the big dude from the Regional Office decided this was the right time to visit the prison! Didn't they look at the calendar and see how important this weekend is to me? Oh well, we will get to go to a few of the shops on Saturday so I guess it is not a total loss.

I was all psyched up to work on my table topper today. I got everything ready, practiced a little and decided I was ready. My thread broke twice and I was getting very frustrated. I don't know if it is the thread or the tension. Of course I can't find my book! I will be back at it tomorrow and try to figure out what the issue is. Wish me luck, any tips would be helpful (Lane - are you out there with your tips and hints?).

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AnnieO said...

Sorry your weekend travel plans got spoiled! Maybe some goodies will hop into your bag at some of the quilt shops you do get to :)

I just did some satin stitching for the first time last weekend. I used my walking foot and that requires a lighter presser foot pressure. Maybe you can fiddle around with that too? Practice a bit more, make sure you have the right size needle to go with your thread, etc. Too small of a needle can be breaking your thread. You probably need a size 14 needle.

Shevvy said...

Blimey I think my head would explode if I visited that many quilt shops. What to buy where? What if you got something in one and it was cheaper later, or worse left something for later never to see it again!
Don't these inmates understand the power of sewing? You need to get them onto this

quiltfool said...

Two things come to mind. Top thread could be too tight. Or, the needle could be too small for the thread. If the needle is too small, the thread, which goes in and out of the fabric about 30 times before it is used in a stitch will shred and break. Good luck!!! And, enjoy your shortened quilt shop hop. Lane

oldbatt said...

Wow - 3 states and tons of quilt shops - I am jealous of the great plan. At least you will see some of them and so sorry it didn't work out. I hope you were able to fix the problem with your thread and machine. Best, Lisa

Quilting Krazy said...

Well maybe I can make things a bit better for you. You entered the Fall into Fall Giveaway on my blog and YOU ARE A WINNER! Congrats!
I'll email you to get your address!
Thanks for stopping by and I am now a follower of yours!