Tuesday, October 19, 2010


At long last, blogger will let me post some photos.

Here is a shot of the "chicken wall" Big and I built 2 weekends ago. Neither Big or I suffered any emotional or physical injures! Now the chickens have to stay behind the wall at night. It will make Chicken Poop Sundays much easier.

These are the squares that I made for a Halloween swap I am involved in. I was supposed to mail them a couple days ago. Apparently my father's favorite statement, "Punctuality is a trait of leadership," doesn't work when making quilt squares.

I have been working on this table runner for a few weeks. It is almost finished. I just have to sew in the ends and tack the pieces together. I hope to finish it in the next couple days.

I love seeing the pet photos you all post, so I thought I would post one myself. This is my sweet little puppy, Daisy. She goes with me everywhere. She gets cold easily, so I am always covering her with something. This time it happened to be a sweatshirt I had on. She is laying on a sofa I have in my sewing room, it is an antique and needs to be reupholstered.

I will post more tomorrow, it is getting late and my eyes are crossing!

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Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Ok, love the chook wall...I'm sure they'll be very happy being in chicken jail.

Love the blocks, love the table runner, love little Daisy. You've been quite busy in your absence havent you?

Carin said...

What a beautiful quiltblocks and that runner is also very pretty !! Love the picture of the dog :-)
P.S. Send you an email to let you know there a little package coming your way as a thank you for the candy corn !

quiltfool said...

What a sweet puppy face, all stretched out and comfy. Lane

oldbatt said...

Love the Halloween blocks. My favorite quilt is a Halloween quilt I made. I have a beautiful black Daisy too! Your Daisy is lovely! Best, Lisa

Elizabeth said...

Love your Halloween blocks and the table runner. Halloween is such a fun holiday to decorate for!

xo -El

Michelle said...

Your chicken wall looks like it will do the job. Safer for the chickens being cooped up at night too.

Wonderful blocks!

Your table runner is so delicate. I tried crocheting with thread once. Ahem. I don't know how anyone manages it, so I'm in awe.

Daisy is just adorable!

Beansieleigh said...

Hi Cynthia! LOVE the quilt blocks you're working on, and I can't wait to see the table runner when it's done!! (I might want to try one like that myself!.. Yours is looking so pretty already!)... Wishing you and Daisy both a wonderful weekend! Keep warm, both of you! ~tina

Cameron said...

So glad your quilting....it's so important to have a fun thing to look forward to...and these blocks turned out great!

That Little Daisy is a sweetheart, too :)