Friday, July 1, 2011

Favorite Thing Friday

Here it is Friday already. I find myself, once again, sitting on the back porch. So, today my Favorite Thing is my back porch.

As soon as the nice weather begins to arrive, I find myself sitting on the back porch.

The porch is the first place I go after I have poured my morning coffee. I often work on applique, hexagons or other handwork on the porch. When Big comes home, we each get a cool beverage and sit on the porch and discuss our day. Our evening meal is usually eaten at the table. As you can see, I have some handwork and my computer ready. My trusty bird and puppy accompany me.

We are very lucky to live in a small sub-division in the country and we have no back neighbors. The wildlife is abundant and I enjoy seeing all of the visitors we get.

Cardinal and Goldfinch

Blue Jay

One of the many hummingbirds we get. I love watching them.

Our friendly, neighborhood deer. I have a love/hate relationship with him. He eats my plants (hate him), he is a beautiful creature of God (love him).

I love gnomes, this one was a gift from The Baby!

Thanks for hanging on the porch with me! Visit Ms P's blog and check out every one's Favorite Thing Friday!

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Shay said...

I like the idea of a porch. I have a veranda/patio and it doesnt sound anywhere near as classy.

Love that you have a peaceful serene spot where you can go to sit and contemplate and drink coffee! (and wine )

Becky said...

Cynthia, we spend a lot of time on our porch as well. There's just nothing like "porch days"!

thea said...

Love the back porch .. looks so peaceful and quiet. What a nice getaway right in your back yard.

Marg said...

That looks very nice and relaxing. It's like my verandah, a lovely place to sit.
Love the pics of the wildlife, such colourful birds.

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

I hope this comment will post. I have tried leaving comments on three other blogs but for some reason the website keeps kicking me back to the sign in page. Cyn your porch looks good, I love how you changed it up a little. Need to make some time to come down there and visit soon. Miss you my friend!

Michelle said...

What a perfect outdoor living space. Love the shots of your local wild life.