Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quilting in My Pyjamas

I only have a minute for a quick post, but I wanted to share what I accomplished for the day.

I joined Marg from Sunshine? Paradise? for her Pyjama Party Sunday. I hope to participate in it every Sunday.

This mini quilt is a Broken Dish pattern and it will be 15 inches when it is complete. I still have 2 sides to attach and then it will be ready for quilting. The blocks are 2 /12 inch unfinished. I don't think I have ever worked with blocks this small and I am not sure if I will ever do it again!

I also wanted to show you a photo of my little sewing partner. She is always in the room with me. She is covered with a towel, her mean mama won't make her a quilt!

Big and I just finshed watching "The King's Speech," it was soooo good. If you have not seen it, run out and rent it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and a wonderful weekend. I will post more later. I am off to bed!

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Marg said...

I love your quilt, the blue and white are so pretty. Such tiny blocks, I don't think I have the patience to do that.
I think you should make your sewing partner a scrap quilt when you have time.
I've seen the King's Speech, it was a fabulous movie.
Thanks so much for linking to PJ PS, and it's fine if you're not in your pj's, I won't be sending anyone around to check!

Shay said...

There's something so classic about blue and white isnt there? Your quilt is so sweet .

Thank goodness it's a mini -imagine if you were making a full size out of bits that small! I take my hat off to you - it's not something I'd attempt even in mini size!

Cute sewing partner. Does she have a name? As for the towel I assumed she'd just stepped out of the shower.

AMW said...

Wow! That's beautiful... I don't think I have the patience for something that small.

You're sewing partner is cute, cute, cute! And aren't they great for not pointing out mistakes or giving opinions or anything else like that??? Just quiet support!

Lisa B Carter Designs said...

OH I am going to come over so you can teach me that pattern it is soooo pretty. Daisy is such a good baby, I will have to bring her a donut again soon.