Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Missing Big

My last post was partially talking about missing something. I am missing Big. Big went off for a couple days to play prison games. Once a year people from various law enforcement agencies get together to have classes and a competition on .... not sure what it is called. You know when you watch TV and a SWAT team breaks up a crowd? Well that is what the classes and competition are about. They learn how to take inmates down the legal way. As the law is written, inmates often have more rights than the officers who work at the prisons (same thing with any law enforcement). There are special procedures before, during and after any contact with an inmate. The public never gets to see that part. Anyway, Big went to "play" with the team from her prison. She has always been a part of the team until she became management. She was always the first in a cell or riot because she wanted to protect everyone else. Now she gets to attend classes and observe. Not as exciting as before! She did agree to get tazed today! I certainly wouldn't! She said it was not a good feeling and she would never do it again, but felt she had to do it to support her team. Honestly, I can understand, I mean I did eat vegemite for my peeps! Isn't that the same? Anyway, Big will be home tomorrow and I am glad of it.

Hope you have a great evening doing something enjoyable. I am going to watch Glee with The Baby! We are all "Gleeks"!

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AnnieO said...

Its tough to find a comfortable rut when something is missing! I tend to waste a lot of time when DH is out of town for a meeting and I have the house to myself. Glad you're catching up with loved ones at last :)

Shevvy said...

Big is nuts - why would anyone agree to that! I thought you were bad with the vegemite but no, big had to go one better on you! You must be made for each other.

Just read through you last couple of posts, you sound twitchy. I've been like that for the last couple of days, I can't settle to anything haven't achieved anything. No menopausal excuses. Just one of those things.

Hope you can get more settled soon and find your peaceful place again.

take care

Marg said...

I have to agree with Shevvy, you and Big are definitely made for each other. What is it with you two? Vegemite and tazers!!!!!!!!!!! I still think Big should get in a supply of Vegemite for the not so nice inmates.

I actually watched Glee for the first time this week, it was the Madonna episode, I think I might have to find a copy of the DVD, is this season one? I have no idea.